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28 February, 2023
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eCommerce Nurse Most Read Blog Posts of 2022 Blog

Amazon can be a confusing place for both new and experienced sellers and vendors, which is why it is important to regularly refresh your knowledge and identify any features that you may have missed.

eCommerce Nurse are a team of experts who are passionate about helping brands to grow when selling online. Our blog posts⁠ attract hundreds of daily visitors, and are regularly updated to help vendors and sellers keep up with the evolving world of Amazon. 

We have wrapped up our most-read posts of 2022 for you to catch up on the headlines from last year... 

1. From A to Z: Amazon acronyms and terms glossary for sellers and vendors 

This helpful glossary of Amazon abbreviations remains the most popular page on our website. Each week it is visited by thousands of Seller Central and Vendor Central users that are looking for simplified versions of Amazon’s terminology. 

2. Amazon deals and promotions: Creating Lightning Deals, Best Deals, coupons, Deal of the Day, and more

In second place, our readers have enjoyed learning about the variety of promotions that they can offer to their customers through Amazon. This educational post provides detailed information about the different types of promotions and deals that sellers and vendors can run to increase sales. It covers everything from things to consider before running a deal, what products are the best to promote, and even troubleshooting errors when submitting a Lightning Deal.

3. What's an Amazon FNSKU? How to create a FNSKU for FBA sellers

If you’re an FBA seller and you are not sure what a FNSKU is then read this post. It shares expert advice including what they are and why you should use them, the difference between an ASIN and FNSKU, and how to print FNSKU labels.

4. Amazon Vine update for 2022: New fees and enrolment limits for sellers and vendors

Amazon Vine is a review program which allows Amazon vendors and Amazon professional sellers to ship out products via FBA, in return for honest and detailed reviews. The reviews are written by customers that have been specially selected by Amazon, based on previous performance. A lot of changes happened in October 2021, the main one being costs. 

5. The basics of sellers vs vendors on Amazon

Not only does this post explore the pros and cons of being a seller or vendor on Amazon, it also shares some important things to consider when deciding whether Seller Central or Vendor Central is best for your business.

6. How to add/edit products in Amazon Vendor Central

Here we have a walkthrough of how to add products to Vendor Central using the Bulk Product Submissions sheet, and how to edit them when they need an update. 

7. What is an Amazon product detail page?

Understanding the anatomy of an Amazon detail page is useful information for anybody that uses Amazon, even shoppers. If you are an Amazon vendor or seller interested in optimising your products to increase organic sales, this page is for you.

8. 2022 Amazon calendar: Key dates for sellers and vendors

The team at eCommerce Nurse strive to provide information that is concise and up to date. For the purpose of accurate record keeping, the 2022 calendar is remaining on the list of our most read blog posts of 2022. Check out our 2023 Seller Calendar for Amazon Sellers and Vendors instead.

9. Using international ASINs on Amazon: What you need to know

Launching products in an international marketplace on Amazon can be daunting. If you want to know the key things to consider when branching out internationally on Amazon, then pay attention to this subject. We cover a variety of topics, including using multiple languages on infographics, and how you can not use different images on the same ASIN in international marketplaces.

10. Should I use emojis in Amazon content?

Our verdict? No. The team at eCommerce Nurse performed tests and observed data to find out if using emojis in Amazon bullet points is likely to increase conversion. We found no evidence to suggest that it does. Read this post for a more in-depth analysis.

11. What is the Amazon best sellers badge and how to get it

Including how to gain the best sellers badge on Amazon, how to locate your products rank in the best seller category, and how often Amazon updates their ranking.

12. New Seller Central promotion type: The 7-Day Deal

As we like to keep our posts updated with the latest information, you may have already read about the 7-day deal on our second most popular blog post of 2022

13. The benefits of Amazon Brand Registry in 2022

Before registering your brand with the Amazon Brand Registry, you need to have a registered trademark with a valid government office. Here we talk about the trademark processing timescales — which vary by country — and how you can use the Amazon Brand Registry to protect your brand.

14. Your guide to Amazon feedback and seller ratings

Seller feedback is a reflection of the customer experience, after purchasing from your Amazon store. This topic covers everything from the importance of seller feedback to how to get erroneous negative feedback removed by Amazon. Remember that you can also reach out to the customer directly and ask them to remove the negative rating. The best time to do this is after you have reviewed and resolved the problem.

eCommerce Nurse offers a wide range of services for Amazon sellers and vendors. If you are looking for a marketing agency that operates globally, contact us here, or reach out on LinkedIn.

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Emily Kirkham

Emily Kirkham

Emily Kirkham is the Marketing Coordinator for eCommerce Nurse, based in Lancashire, UK. She has experience in product listing and optimisation, and using customer feedback to improve products and services.

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