Amazon Support

Need some help getting an issue resolved or navigating the world of Amazon? Looking for some tips and guidance on how to move forward on Seller Central or Vendor Central? If so, let us manage this for you and let those pulling hair out moments be a thing of the past!

Amazon Audit

Not sure how to move the business forward? Are you maximizing your true potential on the Amazon platform? Let us jump in and review your account and see what is really going on both at the front-end on the website and back-end in Seller Central or Vendor Central. 

Amazon Strategy

Being reactive rather than proactive? Firefighting daily and planning has become an ‘if only’ task? We can help you deivse an Amazon strategy for your business. Based on your business needs and product category, we can provide a proposed strategy to help maximize your sales potential on Amazon.


Looking to be self-sufficient? Have an amazing team but just lack that expert Amazon knowledge? Let Carina talk with your team and train them to become proficient users of the Amazon tools and systems, learn the Amazon lingo and understand how they can get the best out of their seller or vendor relationship.


Looking to fast track your knowledge as a seller and vendor on Amazon? Want to be self-sufficient and a proficient user on both Seller Central and Vendor Central? Carina runs customized workshops to help brands expand their knowledge and share key strategies that can help businesses maximize their sales potential on Amazon.

Amazon Insights

Wanting to share Amazon knowledge and experience with your audience? As an ex-Vendor Manager and Amazon consultant, Carina can share her experience and knowledge with your audience through webinars, blogs and public speaking. If you would like to know more, please click here to discuss opportunities.