Most expensive items to buy on Amazon June 2023

7 June, 2023
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Most expensive items to buy on Amazon June 2023 Blog 1

When browsing through Amazon categories, changing the 'sort by' to 'price: high to low' is not something that we imagine many people do very often. For a bit of fun we did a little digging on to see what the most expensive items we could find in June 2023 were.

What is the most expensive thing on Amazon in 2023?

Here are some of our results;
$11,226.83 - Cat climbing tower

Most expensive items to buy on Amazon June 2023 Blog 1 1

Some cats like them — some don’t. You’d have to be certain of this before committing to purchase this expensive dust collector for your feline friend. By opting for a cheaper alternative, you might even have enough change left over to purchase a…

$10,073.59 - Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

Most expensive items to buy on Amazon June 2023 cutlery set

This designer cutlery set actually contains 87 pieces, and you can rest easy knowing that it is dishwasher safe.

$45,445.00 - Commercial coffee roasting machine

Most expensive items to buy on Amazon June 2023 coffee machine

Did somebody say coffee? This commercial machine should definitely be able to keep up with the caffeine addicts. When your favourite barista finally gets their big Hollywood break, you can ease your heartache by buying your own coffee shop.

$48,708.40 - Reclining massage chair

Most expensive its to buy on Amazon June 2023 massage chair

Imagine having this in your life. Relaxing in a recliner chair with 5 massage techniques and 12 automatic massage functions. You could ask one of your butlers to cover at the coffee shop anyway.

$32,800.00 - Spiral mixer

Most expensive items to buy on Amazon June 2023 spiral mixer

Out of the way KitchenAid, there’s a new mixer in town. Save your arms, as this commercial spiral mixer can hold up to a whopping 282 lbs in flour and an additional 158 lb of wet ingredients — that’s just shy of 200 kg in total — but that’s a lot of dough down the drain, so you might want to look at…

$7,832.00 - Solids interceptor

Most expensive items to buy on Amazon June 2023 solids interceptor

Prevent any serious drainage problems that might occur from lumpy buttercream, or roasted coffee beans that have landed in the sink. You’ll need to cough up for a grease interceptor to go with that though.

$22,0084.43 - Ultra-telephoto zoom lens for Canon DSLR cameras

Most expensive items to buy on Amazon June 2023 lens

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but how many pictures are worth $22,084.43? Envisage the scene — you’re relaxing in your reclining massage chair, to the smell of freshly baked bread, as you test your ultra-telephoto zoom lens to see if you can clearly see the dust particles floating around your new piece of furniture, that your cat is literally scratching — it is the item’s intended use after all.

$8,699.00 - Self retracting cable lifeline

Most expensive items to buy on Amazon June 2023 retracting lifeline

You’d expect a weight limit to be quite an important piece of information for this listing. Can you see one? If you’re stuck down a well anytime soon you can take a chance and order yourself this little beauty on Prime if you’re in the US, and see if it can get you out.

$21,000.00 - Gaming chair with computer table

Most expensive items to buy on Amazon June 2023 chair

Calling all sci-fi geeks, we’ve found your next home office set up. We put our detective hats on as we were surprised to see that this super deluxe gaming chair had 6 product ratings, with an average star rating of 2.8.
Reviewers left comments such as “this was a scam” and “i liked how ergonomic it was, huge, fit my liking! now send me a free one please.” (sic), leading us to question where these seemingly fake reviews gained traction. We discovered a Reddit post from June 2021, where a commenter had left a link to a company called Imperator Works who were selling the same chair. Imperator Works have a banner on their website, stating that they had already had customers reporting fake websites, along with a link to their actual Amazon store — not the brand owner of this listing. 

Be honest, you’d rather save up for the massage chair anyway though right?

$28,395.00 - 12 x 256gb RAM

Most expensive items to buy on Amazon June 2023 ram

You have probably already noticed that these listings all have something in common — they’ve not been optimised. No brand story, no A+ content, not even basic listing optimisation. Maybe you need to upgrade your computer, so that it enables you to simultaneously run high usage applications, that will increase productivity as you get your Amazon listings optimised to their full potential? Pretty sure you could run a small country on this RAM, but you could just contact us for help instead.

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Emily Kirkham

Emily Kirkham

Emily Kirkham is the Marketing Coordinator for eCommerce Nurse, based in Lancashire, UK. She has experience in product listing and optimisation, and using customer feedback to improve products and services.

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