Just a bunch of Amazon experts, helping you become experts on Amazon!

These are the people who make it happen.
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We are a core team of managers, creators and content curators. Experts in the art of Amazon growth, passionate about the brands we work with.

Core team

Carina headshot ecommercenurse front
Carina headshot ecommerce nurse back
Founder & CEO
Sara headshot ecommercenurse front
Sara headshot ecommerce nurse back
Business Support Manager
UK | Colombia
Karen headshot ecommercenurse front
Karen headshot ecommerce nurse back
Human Resources Manager
Dani headshot ecommercenurse front
Dani headshot ecommerce nurse back

Dani Thompson

Dani is on LinkedIn
Senior Marketing and Content Manager
Singapore | UK
Saffron headshot ecommercenurse front
Saffron headshot ecommerce nurse back

Saffron Wainman

Saffron is on LinkedIn
Associate Marketing Manager
Emily K headshot ecommerce nurse front
Emily K headshot ecommerce nurse back 2
Marketing Coordinator
Ani headshot ecommerce nurse front 1
Ani headshot ecommerce nurse back

Anna-Marie Hughes

Anna is on LinkedIn
Graphic Designer
Lucy headshot ecommerce nurse front
Lucy headshot ecommerce nurse back
Rob headshot ecommercenurse front
Rob headshot ecommerce nurse back
Senior Client Manager
Vanessa headshot ecommercenurse front
Vanessa headshot ecommerce nurse back
Catalogue Executive
Katy headshot ecommerce nurse front
Katy headshot ecommerce nurse back
Senior Content Manager
Owen headshot ecommercenurse front
Owen headshot ecommerce nurse back image

Owen Aderibigbe

Owen is on LinkedIn
Business Development Manager
Nathan headshot ecommercenurse front
Nathan headshot ecommerce nurse back
PPC Manager
UK | Canada
Blank grey headshot ecommerce nurse
Blank grey headshot ecommerce nurse
Blank grey headshot ecommerce nurse
Blank grey headshot ecommerce nurse
Blank grey headshot ecommerce nurse
Blank grey headshot ecommerce nurse
Ani 4
Ani 3
Ani 4

all you need is tea.
Business Support Manager
UK | Colombia
Ani 4
Ani 3
Human Resources Manager
Ani 4

We're gonna need a bigger boat.
Senior Marketing Manager
UK | Singapore
dog ecommerce nurse

Join the team!

Looking for a better work-life balance? On the hunt for Amazon jobs where you can work from home while building a successful career? Got what it takes to be part of a thriving Amazon consulting agency? 
Explore our career opportunities.

Think locally, connect globally.

Our office is global! We invite our team members to bring us their passion and unique skillsets from anywhere in the world. This innovative approach allows us to hire the best and brightest for our client's business needs. We do our top-quality work from anywhere, and have done since 2017.

Work hard, play hard.



We are honest and reliable. Building trust with others is of utmost importance. We focus on long term gains over short term wins.​

Challenge the norm

We don’t conform and accept the status quo. We think big and are not afraid of change.


We appreciate that no one size fits all. We customise our style and approach according to our team and client’s needs.

Just do it

We make things happen, take control and get on with it. We don’t waste time procrastinating. We are comfortable taking calculated risks.

That won’t do

We are not happy with mediocre. We push ourselves to produce work to high standards and deliver the best results.

Work-life balance

We know when to work hard and when to switch off and enjoy ourselves.
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