Listing optimisation

Our ongoing, strategic approach can update and optimise in any Amazon locale to catapult your listing up the bestseller rankings.

Retail readiness is the main building block of success on any Amazon marketplace, strategically preparing your brand for growth and helping you climb the rankings. Take advantage of brand-building listing optimisation and product acceleration services from an expert copywriting team.

Level up and stand out from the competition.

Enjoy the benefits of SEO-rich product detail pages that are up-to-date with Amazon guidelines. Get on-brand, cohesive content for your business with sparkling, standout Amazon detail pages, where you can expect higher conversion and increase sales for your brand. Ready to maximise your potential? We’re ready to lead the way.
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What is Amazon listing optimisation?

Before you drive traffic to your Amazon detail pages or start investing in Amazon Ads, it’s crucial your pages are fully optimised for the Amazon A10 algorithm.
This super-smart program decides how products rank in the search results. It rewards accuracy and conversion, so your listing content must be fully optimised with high-volume, super-relevant keywords for your product to index well. This will increase organic traffic to your listings, pre-emptively answer customer questions to reduce contacts and returns, and help you appear higher and more frequently when customers search and browse the site.
In short, listing optimisation helps you dominate the real estate on search and category pages, anticipate any product queries, and leave your competitors for dust. Listing optimisation covers everything from photography, main images, titles, bullets, descriptions, browse nodes, hidden keywords, A+ content, brand story content and customer reviews through Amazon vine programs. There’s a lot that goes into fully optimising your product detail pages.

Our approach

SEO keyword strategy to boost traffic organically

Using third-party tools to research competitors, we delve into like-for-like and similar product listings to build a robust keyword list to drive relevant traffic to your products. We also go that extra mile with SEO data analysis to seek out niche keyword opportunities to make an impression in potentially untapped areas.

Seasonal updates and refreshes

Seasonality is crucial. We look at key periods pertinent to your product category and tweak keywords accordingly, be that the changing seasons, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or Easter. We’re responsive to changing customer search habits and ensure your listings remain visible and relevant.

Product titles, features, bullet points and descriptions

This is the main event. The titles, bullet points, and description are where you introduce your product and impress prospective customers – we’ll make it count. We’ll highlight the main product USPs and any other essential details that make you stand out from the crowd while ensuring your listing is discoverable by the Amazon search engine bots.

Keyword tracking

Listing optimisation doesn’t end when you upload your content; monitoring and tracking the keywords you should be ranking for in the Amazon search engine algorithm is essential. We constantly adjust and improve your keywords to ensure your listing remains hot and at the top. Tracking also provides ample opportunity to identify keywords suitable for future Sponsored Product ads.

Hidden/back-end search terms

Common misspellings and typos of your products are covered here. Plus, it’s another opportunity to ensure the best possible keyword coverage on your listing. Lateral, out-of-the-box thinking provides maximum discoverability.


Listing optimisation


Keyword research
Competitor research
Title optimisation
Bullets and features updated
Optimised product description
Hidden keywords overhauled
2 rounds of amends
Upload of content (additional cost)


Product photography
Main image and 6 x infographics
A+ content
Brand story EBC
Suggestions for A/B testing titles and main images
Review of customer feedback
Keywords for your PPC campaigns
Listing variations set up


We can build the best package to suit the needs of your brand.
"eCommerce Nurse have used their wealth of knowledge and expertise on everything Amazon, along with excellent planning skills, to optimise A+ pages and detail page content for us [rhinocables]. The work they've completed has been outstanding, along with the exceptional communication throughout. I would wholeheartedly recommend eCommerce Nurse."
Kay Andrews | European Development Account Manager
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