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15 May, 2023
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What is an Amazon brand story and how will it benefit my brand?

It is no secret that having your brand registered on Amazon allows you to protect your brand and gain access to gated features. Brand story feature is one of those gated benefits on Amazon, which is available only to brand-registered sellers and vendors within the A+ Content Manager.

Sitting just above the A+ Content on the product detail page, the brand story feature is the perfect place to pull out your brand's USPs. What sets you apart from the brands of your competitors? Talk about the founders and the people behind the brand. People like to buy from people, so this is a great opportunity to help convert clicks into sales.

You can make one brand story and roll it out across all of your ASINs, or you can get creative (if you have the time) and tailor the content for specific products or categories. You can have up to 20 modules, including the mandatory background.

What does a good brand story look like? 

We highly recommend that you work with a designer experienced in Amazon on your brand story design. Consistency is key and experienced Amazon designers will know the best ways to keep your Amazon content optimised and consistent across the product detail page, including A+ Content, infographics and the Amazon Brand Store. Check out the video below to get an idea of what good brand stories look like.

How do I build a brand story for Amazon? 

Step 1: Lay your foundations 

Amazon brand story background image 

When creating your brand story, the first module that you will need to focus on is the Brand Carousel Background. This consists of two images, for desktop (w1646 x h625 px) and mobile (w463 x h625 px). There is also a text and header box, but these can be left blank, allowing the background image to be the focus, which is the option our experts often take. The background images remain static on the brand story feature, enabling the customer to scroll through the modules that you add next. It’s important to follow the Amazon brand story specs and follow the Amazon brand story image sizes. 

Tip: Try and keep the right-hand-side 2/3 of the background image as plain as possible so that the image doesn’t busy the overall effect of the page. And remember to add your brand logo and strapline in either the top right or left-hand corner (above the other widgets).

ECN The Ultimate Amazon Brand Story Guide Blog Brand Carousel Background

Screenshot taken from

Step 2: Tell the customer what you sell. 

Brand ASIN & Store Showcase

We love using this nifty widget. You can add up to four ASINs to this module and suggest, if suitable you add this module more than once. 

Each ASIN requires a supporting image (w166 x h182 px min), which is either auto-populated if you add the ASIN or you can override with an image of your choice. Remember that adding relevant image keywords is always good practice for optimising content on any platform.

Tip: Add your brand store ID, which creates a “see all” link to your store front. This will help increase the traffic to your store front and keep customers browsing your brand for a little longer. You can also link to category store front pages to keep it really specific to the ASINs you display. 

ECN The Ultimate Amazon Brand Story Guide Blog Brand ASIN and Store Showcase 1

Screenshot taken from

Step 3: Call out USPs or Categories 

Brand Focus Image

This widget lets you add a background image (w362 x h453 px min). Use a lifestyle image or an infographic, but keep it relevant! Akin to the carousel background, there is an optional header and text box.  

Tip: Use the widget to call out a USP or category. 

ECN The Ultimate Amazon Brand Story Guide Blog Brand Focus Image

Screenshot taken from

Step 4: Share your brand’s story

Brand Logo and Description

This module requires you to add an image (w315 x h145 px min), with optional text. As the title suggests, it is the perfect module for showing your brand’s logo and sharing information about your brand, such as how your brand started or writing about the founders. People like to buy from people, so share your story. 

ECN The Ultimate Amazon Brand Story Guide Blog Brand Logo and Description

Screenshot taken from

Step 5: Let’s chat

Brand Q&A

Time to dig a little deeper with this widget. Choose from four pre-populated questions for inspiration; How did we get our start? What makes our products unique? Why do we love what we do? What problem are we solving?

You don’t have to use the predefined questions, you can use the custom box and create your own questions; what’s most relevant to your brand – what do you get asked the most by your customers? 

ECN The Ultimate Amazon Brand Story Guide Blog Brand Q and A

Screenshot taken from

As always, it is important to be creative and make sure the content is relevant, engaging and targeted at your customers. Keep your brand’s logo, tone of voice, and ‘look & feel’ consistent across all areas of the detail page and your selling platforms. 

Make sure to add links to your store and your best-selling products, because aside from the obvious upselling, shoppers end up focusing on your offerings rather than your competitors.

How do I make my brand story stand out?

We've said it before and we'll say it again. We highly recommend you work with a designer that's experienced in Amazon design.

At eCommerce Nurse we can assist you with building a brand story that will make your brand stand out from the competition, portray your brand personality and convert into sales. If you are interested and want to know more, please reach out, we would love to hear from you.

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