How to use Amazon A+ Content to boost conversion for your brand

30 November, 2020
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As customers search through a vast range of products available through millions of sellers and vendors on Amazon, how do they make a decision on what to buy? What can sellers and vendors do to genuinely help customers? And what gives brands and products that extra edge to push these customers from browsing to buying? 

With Amazon A+ Content, brands can differentiate themselves from other brands, answer FAQs, expand on product details, entice customers to make a purchase, and ultimately increase conversion rates across their brand.

What is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content increases brand awareness, differentiates your products from the competition, and makes them stand out. It also allows you to expand your content with extra images, a brand story, and more text to answer questions and dial up customer engagement. When done effectively, A+ detail pages on Amazon can result in a boost to sales. Amazon estimates the addition of A+ Enhanced Marketing Content can provide a lift of 3% to 10%. 

(Example of an A+ detail page on, created by eCommerce Nurse.)

How much is A+ Content?

A+ detail pages are free to create for brand owners. This means registered Brand Registry brands can create A+ detail pages for free in Seller Central. A+ Content is currently free for all vendors automatically in Vendor Central.

How to get A+ Content on Amazon

A+ Content has been around on Amazon for many years. Originally, this enhanced content opportunity was exclusively available to Amazon vendors in Vendor Central. Similar content modules gradually became available only to Brand Registered and professional Amazon sellers. This type of content was referred to as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). In 2019, Amazon streamlined their systems, renaming A+ Content and making it available to sellers enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry

The Brand Registry gives brands more authority to control their intellectual property, brand, and product details on Amazon. A+ Content access can be very advantageous to sellers. 

The benefits of Amazon A+ Content

Would you be more likely to buy a product with bare-bones details and images? Or would you prefer a product with rich imagery, answers to frequently asked questions, and a wealth of details to supplement the basics you see on most Amazon detail pages? Here are some clear benefits and tips to using A+ Content.

  • It’s easy to use. Amazon offers a variety of drag-and-drop modules to create a template and design. Brands owners simply need to plug their info and images into these modules.
  • A+ creation does not require design or coding skills; as long as you have compelling content and good images, your detail page should look great.
  • After choosing to create a new A+ page, you can choose modules to display your information. Modules offer options so that you can logically present details to the customer in a way that is tailored to your brand or product.Module examples for A+ Content
  • Modules offer flexibility for brands to decide the best way to present their content. Even products with less content can benefit from A+ Content, as you can use the space to tell the story of your brand, in addition to product details. Keep in mind that all modules do have text length limits.
  • Certain modules are ideal for displaying particular types of content. We recommend using charts to illustrate other items from your range and promote cross-selling.

How to use a chart on Amazon
(Chart example on an A+ detail page created by eCommerce Nurse.)

  • A+ pages are mobile-friendly. A+ Content appears above the feature bullets and above the regular product description on mobile layouts. This is something to consider when selecting A+ images and content. 
  • This enhanced content can be applied to both parent ASINs and child ASINs. Or used across multiple pages.
  • A+ Content pages should boost your conversion by differentiating products from competitors’ items and providing a wealth of space for you to pre-empt any customer questions.

A+ Content considerations for Amazon

While A+ Content can look fantastic and help drive sales, you may need to decide which products could benefit from it the most. For some products, the investment may not be worth the resource required to create such content.

  • On your brand’s side, you may have to invest in professional photography and/or copywriting. As a business, you will have to decide if this is worth it and what kind of return on investment you will see. Is your product one that has a lot of competition to make this resource and expense worth it? 
  • If your products are more complicated, A+ Content may offer the setup you need to explain and address FAQs. This is especially important for appliances, electronics, and other items that require additional explanations and instructions.
  • There are a limited number of modules and options. You will have to ensure these properly showcase your specific brand and product and that you have assets to fill them.
  • When you create an initial page, be thoughtful about your intentions and methods. Consider how you can replicate across other pages in your brand. Certain elements can be duplicated or adjusted without starting from scratch each time.
  • Keep in mind there are no interactive content modules, which may limit you, especially compared to a manufacturer’s stand-alone webpage.
  • A+ Content pages must be approved by Amazon before going live. Approval times can vary and may take up to 7 days for approval. Plan this into your marketing schedule and don’t count on quick approvals. Slot in time for rejections and edits, too.
  • Amazon does not index A+ Content in search. So be sure your listings are optimised well to begin with. A+ Content is indexed through Google, however, and can help you cast a wider net for bringing in traffic.
  • There are a number of rules that brands must follow, which can be quite restrictive. There can be NO:
    • Referencing your company as a seller or distributor (e.g. "buy from us for authentic products," “LLC or equivalents”).
    • Mention of seller authorization such as "product only sold by authorised resellers."
    • Mention of any warranty or guarantee, satisfaction claims, or references to off-Amazon return or refund references.
    • Pricing or promotion references such as “affordable,” “cheap,” “bonus,” “free,” as well as language directing customers to purchase such as “buy now,” “add to cart,” “get yours now,” or “shop with us.”
    • Information about shipping details such as “free shipping” or shipping timelines.
    • Use of copyright, trademark, or registered symbols anywhere in your text.
    • Boastful comments such as “top selling product,” “hottest product,” or “#1 selling product.”
    • Time-sensitive product information, such as “on sale now,” “best new product of the year,” or references to holidays.
    • Information about customer reviews, references, or testimonials from Amazon or any other site.
    • Product award information, accreditations, or claims must be presented with disclaimer and cited with numbers and governing body.
    • Blurry or low-quality images.
    • Images containing watermarks or unreadable text. Font size must be 16 or larger and readable against its background.
    • Images or text that attempt to mimic Amazon logos, detail page headings, or details.
    • Web links or language attempting to redirect to other sites inside or outside of Amazon (including your other products).
    • Grammatical errors, punctuation errors, misspellings, strings of all-caps text, abusing font features, or unnecessary or repeated information. Bold and italic formatting are only intended to be used to highlight headings or a few select words.
    • Any mention of products being used for criminal activity.
    • Unverified claims: safety claims; energy saving claims; claims regarding drugs, beverages, food and health products. Health category products such as health drinks, organic supplements and other related products that do not carry any certified disclaimers must have an FDA disclaimer present. (FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.) For more information, see Prohibited Product Claims.
    • Comparing products on Amazon other than products from leading national brands or from within your own brand. For comparison tables, you are only allowed to compare products within your own brand.
    • Subjective language: anything that is subject to your own opinion and/or used excessively; a limited degree of subjective language is allowed.
    • Content on adult products that violate any of Amazon Adult products policies and guidelines.
    • References to off-Amazon customer service, or contact information (e.g. “contact us if you have problems,” phone numbers, contact email, etc.).
    • Content written in languages other than the one spoken in the marketplace you are selling, including HTML tags.

Ensure your A+ Content is performing well

Once created, existing Amazon reports can indirectly provide some insight into how your new content is performing. You can measure success in your seller account by looking at conversion rates under "unit session percentage." Traffic insights are under "sessions."  By comparing conversion rates before and after the A+ creation, you can monitor your pages' performance. 

Testing and experimentation is also possible within Seller Central. Amazon offers content experiments which can be easily set up. Experiments let you compare two versions of content against each other so you can see what performs better. At the end of an experiment, you can see which version of A+ Content had more unit sales and see estimates of the annualized impact of publishing the winning A+ Content. You can also use the learnings from experiments to improve other content across your brand. For more information on content experiments, visit Seller Central.

If done correctly, your enhanced A+ detail page should gain traction and pay off. Over time, your content will improve the customer experience, help you convert sales, and increase profits from your listings. 

Need additional support?

With a team of marketing specialists and a wealth of global Amazon experience, our team can create A+ Content for your brand. We can work with your creative team, or you can access to our talented designers who can create specific content for your business.  We can also provide integration with other marketing elements across your brand, by creating a Brand Store, or simply making sure your listing optimisation and A+ Content are  in order. eCommerce Nurse also provides international support and certified translation services, if you are looking to expand or roll out content to multiple locales. For more information on services, please contact us.

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Katy Luxem

Katy Luxem

Katy Luxem is the senior content manager for eCommerce Nurse and Vendor Society. She has worked for Amazon in both Seattle and London, delivering results for multiple different teams and product lines across the U.S. and Europe. Katy's experience is centered on making sure customers have a best-in-class experience. She enjoys helping businesses and brands succeed and grow with next-level content.

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