Amazon's new country-specific upload tool for vendors

11 October, 2021
2 minute read
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Amazon recently launched a new tool for localising main product images, which comes after years of frustration for brands who sell across multiple Amazon locales. Before the much-needed update, main images that were uploaded for an ASIN would automatically be uploaded for any locale that the brand was registered in. This resulted in problems when images with text were involved, as text should always be localised for each country's native language. To fix this issue and localise a product's images, businesses had to contact Vendor Support and raise a case for each ASIN and the country they wanted different than the source country. Anyone that is familiar with Vendor Support knows that cases can take a while to be completed, meaning that the supposedly simple task of uploading localised images became complicated and time-consuming.

Since the update, Amazon now allows brands to upload country-specific images. This means that graphics using text can be uploaded in the relevant language by choosing which country the images should appear in. As a result, this update potentially saves hours of time for account managers. A self-service option that means no longer having to rely on Vendor Support to set the images live. Account users are also able to see the status of the upload in real-time, taking the guesswork out of a completion time-frame.

How to use Amazon's new Country-Specific Upload tool

  1. A full set of images (MAIN + variants) must be uploaded with the tool, even if some of those images have already been submitted globally.
  2. Choose the country and associated vendor code from the corresponding drop-down menus.
  3. Image files must be named by ASIN + variant code + file extension (for example, B000123456.MAIN.jpg).
  4. The only accepted file types are JPG (preferred), TIF, and GIF.
  5. If uploading multiple images, you must create a ZIP file with all images inside before uploading. The ZIP file name may not contain emojis or other special (non-ASCII) characters.
  6. After upload, you can view the status of your images in the status report.

At present, the tool is only available to Amazon vendors outside of the US. This is particularly helpful for European vendors selling across the continent. Hopefully, sellers and US vendors will be able to access it in the not-too-distant future.

If you're a seller or vendor that sells in multiple countries, it's worth investing in fully optimising and localising your product's content. At eCommerce Nurse, our team offers a wide range of expertise including vendor and seller account support, content optimisation for every Amazon locale, and translations by certified, native speakers. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business.

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Saffron Wainman

Saffron Wainman

Saffron Wainman is the Associate Marketing Manager for eCommerce Nurse. Based in Yorkshire, UK, Saffron has experience in digital marketing, branding, and social media. As an avid Amazon shopper, she enjoys refining content for clients through a customer's eyes.

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