5 Ways to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2023

24 April, 2023
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ECN 5 Ways to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2023 Blog

Amazon Prime Day 2023 is only a few months away (how did that happen?!) – the busiest online retail day of the year (exclusively for Prime members) is fast approaching on July 12th, 2023. First introduced in 2015 to celebrate Amazon’s 20th birthday – it’s now almost as momentous as Christmas, but without Mariah on loop 24/7. 

Amazon sellers only have until April 28th, 2023, to submit their Prime Day Lightning Deals, coupons, and promotions to take advantage of the feeding frenzy. Deep breaths because this is where the elbow grease begins – work hard now to reap the rewards later.

Think of us as your personal trainers helping you get into tip-top condition for the main event as we take you through a 5-step plan to make Prime Day your biggest payday yet.

Stock up

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This one’s a walk in the park, right? How can you maximise all those eager buyers if you don’t have the stock in place?!

If you’re using Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), think ahead and contact your supply chain partners to ensure items reach Amazon fulfilment centres in time – this year, the deadline is June 15th, 2023. Heed Amazon’s early warning and make sure you allow ample delivery time, accounting for the possibility of boats getting stuck in the Suez Canal, global pandemics, and natural weather phenomena. I wish I was joking.

If you run out of stock on the day, it will be a real stinger for your product ranking, and if you go out before the Big Day, you’re scuppering your chances before you’ve even started.

If you’re reading this in late May or unsure what the most desirable item de jour will be, don’t panic; utilise Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM), just be prepared to do some serious legwork.

Bundle up!

Let’s get savvy here – Prime Day is an opportunity to sell as much of your inventory as possible.

Get creative and save money on shipping by packaging multiple products together – you can reflect this in the discounted cost for the consumer. Bundling products usually purchased together is also an excellent hack for boosting your standard order and provides a convenient shortcut, saving on browsing time for your customers.

Dust off the Cobwebs

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Are some of your products a little unloved? Perhaps they’ve become home to a family of spiders? If so, now is the time to rehouse those 8-legged friends. Price your old stock to sell (the goal being to break even), and get rid of that obsolete merchandise. With the all-important IPI score in the balance, it’s vital you avoid stranded inventory.

Get Your Products Shipshape and in Discounted Condition

Remember cramming the night before a big exam, when you’d left it all to the last minute? Nobody wants that. Ensure you load all your Prime Day Lightning Deals, Amazon Coupons, and other discounts or promotions into Seller or Vendor Central before April 28th, 2023. Make cold sweats and dreaded phone calls to The Boss ancient history.

Think Laterally

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Other to-do list items for Prime Day include fine-tuning your marketing strategies, fully optimising your listings, and launching advanced targeted advertising – basically, think ahead and do your homework. 

However, it’s also worth giving a little TLC to your brand’s DTC sites and other retail platforms…
Yes, we are all here for an Amazon love-in; however, online shopping across the entire retail industry spikes during the Prime Day sales period, with competitors jumping on the bandwagon and launching special sales events during the same period. With an increasing number of retailers offering hard-to-beat promotions and discounts, it’s a cornucopia of deals for bargain-hungry consumers. Maximise customer spending this summer by ensuring you synchronise your Amazon listings, DTC sites, and other retail partnerships.

Get in Touch

If this is all too much for you, and quite frankly, you’d rather focus on what you’ll be buying come July, contact our eCommerce Nurse specialist team. Comprised of ex-Amazonians and Amazon experts, we’re fully prepped, warmed up, and ready to help ensure your products and brand are primed for this summer’s shopping extravaganza.

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