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13 July, 2020
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One of the best things about being a global, full-service agency is helping a diverse and interesting range of Amazon clients. At eCommerce Nurse we work with all kinds of companies, from start-ups and SMBs, to internationally known brands. We’re a tight-knit, highly effective, and efficient team working with both vendors and sellers in Europe and North America. Not only do we deliver results, but we stand by the businesses and brands we work with and believe in long-term relationships.  

In the spirit of that ethos, we’ve decided to share some photos of the eCommerce Nurse team of Amazon experts enjoying some of our valued clients’ products. Of course, we like to share our Client Success stories, but we also hope this helps you learn a bit more about who is working for you--behind the screens and keyboards. We really are some of your biggest fans. 


8Greens offer a range of innovative vitamins and supplements. Founded by cancer survivor, mother, and wellness entrepreneur Dawn Russell, 8Greens’ buzz-worthy super greens effervescent tablets were featured on the Ellen Show and touted by celebs, such as Zac Efron and Drew Barrymore. They’ve recently launched more flavours, a product targeting skincare, and a brand new range of gummy vitamins that we’re really excited about.

8Greens1 scaled 1

8Greens2 scaled 1

While not quite as well-known of a celebrity, eCommerce Nurse Business Support Associate Tony Markin also enjoys starting his day with a glass of healthy 8Greens Effervescent Dietary Supplement.

Fulfil Nutrition

Fulfil Vitamin and Protein Bars are good for you and also taste great. This UK company makes healthier indulgences in two bar sizes (40 gram and 55 gram) and a range of satisfying flavours, such as triple chocolate, chocolate salted caramel, and more. We've been hard at work optimising their Amazon.co.uk listings with A+ content, a brand store, and more.

fulfilbarsmelis scaled 1

Our London-based eCommerce Nurse Client Manager Melis Kip has a busy lifestyle, between work and her one-year-old son. Melis is particularly fond of fuelling up with the chocolate peanut butter flavour bar when out and about.

Vivida Lifestyle

Vivida Lifestyle is based in the UK and puts community and connection at the forefront of their sustainable and innovative outdoor, surfing, and adventure gear. “The team clearly has extensive knowledge of all things Amazon and e-commerce. I feel like my brand is in good hands,” said Vivida Lifestyle founder and CEO David Harris-Burland. Read more details about our work for Vivida Lifestyle on our client success page.

One of our long-time clients, Vivida Lifestyle has fit into much of our own team’s lifestyles quite well. Whether it be paddling on a serene Canadian mountain lake, or keeping warm after a swim in the sea off the coast of England, we all love our Vivida Lifestyle Ponchos. 

eCommerce Nurse Founder and CEO Carina McLeod after an open-water swim and with her daughter on the beach.

Content Manager Katy Luxem and her kids love taking their ponchos swimming, paddle-boarding and camping all over the Western USA. 

Senior Client Manager Dani Thompson and her kids find many uses for their ponchos along their travel adventures, paddle-boarding, and swimming near their home in Singapore. 

georginavivida1 scaled 1

Client Manager Georgina Saxby lives in Canada and enjoys spending time near her lakeside home. 

OYO Fitness

Best known for their innovative personal gym that is built with NASA technology,  OYO Fitness has been transforming their Amazon business with us. This product is made for total body fitness with a convenient, small size that can be taken anywhere. 

oyofitnesscarina1 scaled 1

As a runner, triathlete, and fitness addict, eCommerce Nurse CEO, Carina McLeod, enjoys taking a break from work to use the OYO Personal Gym at home. 

Portland Pet Food Company

Based in Portland, Oregon, (of course!) Portland Pet Food Company is thriving with their made-in-the-USA dog treats and dog food. Their sustainable and innovative flavours and methods make them stand out from the pack. Every item is made with quality, human-grade ingredients. Plus, they make a point to use local partner companies, such as Bob’s Red Mill flour in their treats. 

Read more about our work for Portland Pet Food Company via our client testimonials, including over 400% revenue growth and some new and improved A+ Content, such as on their gluten-free biscuits page

Experienced and devoted eCommerce Nurse pet-product testers Homer and Marge share an office with their owner Katy Luxem, the eCommerce Nurse Content Manager. They’re especially fond of Portland Pet Food Company’s Bacon Brew Biscuits, which are conveniently and regularly delivered via Amazon Subscribe & Save to their home in Utah. 


ISLE Surf & SUP is an owner-operated company from San Diego, California. Over the last few years, their popularity and reputation among the paddle-boarding and surfing community has really grown. Read more about our work for ISLE in their Client Testimonial, including rolling out more than 20 A+ detail pages, and helping them clear through their overstocks last season.

Image from iOS 16 scaled 1

It’s picturesque paddling for Client Manager Georgina Saxby and a friend on a day off work, using the versatile ISLE inflatable paddle boards on Kootenay Lake in British Columbia. 


Peppersmith is a UK-based company focused on freshening up mouths and keeping teeth healthy, one happy customer at a time. Their xylitol-sweetened mints and gum are sugar-free and approved by dentists for a healthy smile. 

eCommerce Nurse Client Manager Melis Kip likes to keep a box of Peppersmith English Peppermint Mints handy. She particularly appreciates how Peppersmith uses green and innovative, plastic-free, recyclable, packaging with no waste. 

Smith & Sinclair

Smith and Sinclair is a unique British company that created alcoholic confectionery to make adulting more fun. Their range includes cocktail glitter, edible cocktail candy, garnishes, and more to offer adults a creative way to indulge in their favourite tipple. Read more about our work for Smith & Sinclair in our client testimonial, which included a big jump in revenue and a 147% increase in sessions when we began our relationship. 

georginaSS2 scaled 1


Client Manager Georgina Saxby and her friends enjoyed "eating their drink" on a glacier hike in the Canadian Rockies. She recommends the Gin-Obsessed Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies as a convenient way to have a celebratory drink for reaching the top!

Ready for success with eCommerce Nurse?

We hope it’s clear that we love our clients! All over the world, our team works hard to achieve goals and results for our brands, but even in our downtime, we enjoy trying and using the great products our businesses have to offer. Check out our Client Success page for more details on how we work, learn about what services we offer, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions or would like to work with eCommerce Nurse. 

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Katy Luxem

Katy Luxem

Katy Luxem is the senior content manager for eCommerce Nurse and Vendor Society. She has worked for Amazon in both Seattle and London, delivering results for multiple different teams and product lines across the U.S. and Europe. Katy's experience is centered on making sure customers have a best-in-class experience. She enjoys helping businesses and brands succeed and grow with next-level content.

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