What’s hot on Amazon: A keyword round-up for March 2022

23 March, 2022
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At eCommerce Nurse, we’re always keeping our eyes on the top Amazon search terms so we can bring to you what’s in demand on the platform and what customers really want. For 2022 you can learn from the latest keyword trends we’ve spotted using our tools and strategy research.

This month, Amazon.com search terms truly reflected the diversity of what’s going on in the world at the moment. Here are our insights to optimise your content for seasonal patterns, growth and potential niches. Please enjoy the March 2022 edition of our Amazon keyword roundup.

Step aside, Baby Boomers

There were rumours that a baby boom was coming, and now the search terms are confirming that a baby rush is indeed upon us with ‘baby’, ‘baby registry search’ and ‘maternity dress’ all rushing to the top 200.

Hop to it

Another holiday is on the horizon so it’s time to get that pantry stocked with candy, ready for the Easter Bunny to make an appearance with Easter basket stuffers’, ‘Easter basket’ making it onto the list this month, also, clearly it would not feel like Easter without ‘Easter decorations’.

Stream on

Movie search terms on Amazon are becoming more popular via Amazon’s streaming services lately. If you’re looking for some inspiration away from a shrinking list of Netflix regulars, consider ‘Batman’, ‘Spongebob Squarepants’, ‘documentaries’, ‘Encanto’, ‘Sing 2’, ‘war movies’, ‘telugu movies 2022’, ‘Oculus quest 2’ and ‘Madea’.

It's almost BBQ season

Some outdoor furniture on Amazon.com this month

Long summer nights and gatherings in the garden are just a few sunny days away. Customers are using this time to prep that outdoor space with ‘Patio furniture set’, ‘outdoor lights’, ‘solar outdoor lights’ and ‘outdoor furniture’. Get an ‘outdoor rug’ and your neighbours will be jealous that you thought of it first.

Travelling again

Travel is well and truly making a comeback and people are flocking to Amazon for their ‘backpacks’ and ‘luggage’. Not sure what else you might be missing? A blanket search for ‘travel accessories' will ensure you look the best at the check-in desk. Pack your ‘compression socks for women’ for the flight, pick up your ‘crossbody bags for women’ and you’re on your way!

It's time to step up your game

Paintball and Nerf appear to be yesterday’s news with a new kids’ toy in town, ‘splatter ball gun’ and ‘gel blaster’ seem to have pushed Nerf down the search term charts. Tiny little water balls are propelled from these guns and are apparently non-toxic and easy to clean up. We'll believe it when we see it.

So fresh and so clean

Bestselling makeup organisers on Amazon.com

The bathroom makeover continues for Americans as they try to make their bathrooms as clean and fresh as OutKast with shower curtain’, ‘bathroom decor’, ‘bathroom organizer’, ‘shower head’, ‘bathroom rugs’, ‘makeup organizer’, ‘laundry basket’, ‘closet organizers and storage’ proving to be as popular a search as ever with ‘blackout curtains’ for complete privacy and ‘candles’ to set the mood.

Fit and fab at any age

Amazon is the gateway to fitness with thousands of products for every activity. You will at least look the part with ‘workout sets for women’, ‘sports bras for women’, ‘Nike shoes men’, ‘Nike shoes women’. Some people clearly just like ‘Nike’ in general. Stay hydrated on your ‘yoga mat’ with ‘water bottle’ and ‘water bottles’. Get some ‘protein powder’ and ‘creatine’ for all your post-workout needs.

Flags for unity

Lastly, Americans are eager to support Ukraine given the situation in Eastern Europe. The ‘Ukraine flag’ jumped into the top terms as the world watches from afar and shows solidarity.

Whether you’re pampering your pooch or looking to up your travel accessories game, we hope you’re finding everything you need on Amazon. Stay tuned for more fun, monthly keyword round-ups from our team and if you need account assistance or an Amazon consultation (whether you are selling candles or yoga mats) please contact us for support.

[Data used 6th-12th March 2022]

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Dani Thompson

Dani Thompson

Dani Thompson is the senior marketing manager for eCommerce Nurse and Vendor Society. As an ex-Amazonian, Dani has experience in merchandising, e-commerce strategy, and ensuring customers have an exceptional overall on-site experience. She is passionate about helping vendors and sellers optimise their presence on Amazon.

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