What’s hot on Amazon: A keyword round-up for September 2023 

27 September, 2023
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What's Hot on Amazon? Keyword Round-up September 2023 - Pumpkins - eCommerce Nurse Blog

What’s hot on Amazon: A keyword round-up for September 2023 

At eCommerce Nurse, we’re always keeping our eyes on the top Amazon search terms, basically, what’s in demand on the platform and what customers really want. For 2023, you can learn from the latest keyword trends we’ve spotted using our tools and strategy research. 

This month, Amazon.com search terms truly reflected the change in season with ‘fall decorations for home’ coming in hot, pumpkin-spice latte-style! Here are our insights to help you optimise your content for seasonal patterns, growth, and potential niches. Please enjoy the Autumn 2023 edition of our keyword roundup.

Hooray, it’s back to school!

As the nation’s youth flock back to full-time education, there’s been an uplift in school-related search terms on Amazon. Parents are preparing their little ones for the term ahead with ‘back to school supplies’, ‘pencil case’, ‘pens’, ‘pencil pouch’, ‘highlighter’, ‘dry erase markers’ and a ‘backpack’ to pop it all in. Not forgetting a few ‘Pokemon cards’ thrown in, ready for recreation, and the all-important ‘snacks’ for the school ‘lunch box’.

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For those older kids off to college, ‘shower caddy’, ‘microwave’, ‘office chair’, ‘shoe organizer’, ‘mini fridge’, ‘fan’, ‘room decor’, ‘led strip lights’, ‘desk’, ‘laptop computer’ all feature. However, this year’s hot dorm room item seems to be a ‘clear bag stadium approved’ for football and basketball games. 

Preparation for hibernation?

As we slip out of summer into fall, it seems the American nation is in full nesting mode, with many home-related terms flooding Amazon. No room is safe from a refresh with ‘shower curtain’, ‘shower curtain liner’, ‘shower head’ and ‘bathroom rugs’ topping the trends. Other home decor keywords include ‘queen bed frame’, ‘dresser’, ‘shoe rack’, ‘20x20 pillow inserts’, ‘vanity’, ‘laundry basket’, ‘hangers’, ‘twin mattress’ and ‘dresser for bedroom’ all making sure that a good night's sleep is achieved. 

Candy lovers unite 

It’s the favourite time of year for kids and parents alike, and with spooky season just around that eerie-looking corner, preparation is critical. Deck the halls with ‘Halloween decorations’ and ‘Halloween decor’ ready for ‘Halloween’. Get in ‘freeze-dried candy’ and ‘candy’, and ensure you’re stocked up with ‘party plates’ and ‘paper plates’ for all the little goblins and witches about to haunt your doorstep.

Wellbeing as important as ever 

Wellness is still having its moment on Amazon, probably thanks to TikTok and an influencer or two. Firstly, it's important to remain hydrated with ‘water’ in a ‘water bottle’ or two, with ‘Stanley cup’ and ‘Hydro Flask water bottles’ still dominating that category. Apparently, it’s also common to drop in some ‘liquid iv’ or ‘liquid stevia drops’. 

Some usual suspects in the top 200 terms include ‘protein powder’, ‘creatine’, ‘magnesium’, ‘caster oil’ and a ‘pill organizer’. I never thought I’d learn about wellbeing from Amazon search terms, but apparently, ‘Celtic salt’ or, more specifically, ‘Celtic sea salt organic’ is all the rage. Those savvy social media influencers are pushing it for hydration and recovery from exercise. 

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Another strange term in the top 200 Amazon keywords comes from the Korean beauty industry, with ‘snail mucin serum’ slithering up the ranks – a snail slime you put on your face to clear up pimples… ready for a gastropod glow-up? If snail secretion isn’t your thing, you could also use ‘pimple patches’, another keyword that is currently trending.

The last new wellness term I learnt about this month is ‘black seed oil’. The customer reviews claim this to be a miracle oil for general wellness. I’ll let you do your own research here, but my main point is that I’ve never spotted so many wellness terms on Amazon, and it’s a category which is continuing to grow. 

Hanging out among all these top terms are a few outlier keywords that are also worth calling out. 

A drop in the ocean

There’s still a bit of seasonal travel happening with ‘compression socks for women’ and ‘travel essentials’. Other travel-related trends include ‘pill organizers’ and ‘cable pouches’, with ‘wash bags’ being the most clicked item in this grouping. 

After pandemic pet terms slipped out of the top 200, ‘cat litter’ and ‘cat tree’ have snuck back in as people try and keep those little mice catchers busy. 

Groceries are still in the top 200 but not as many terms as before, as shoppers concentrate on ‘paper towels’, ‘toilet paper’, ‘toothpaste’, ‘hand soap’ and the morning staple ‘Nespresso pods’. 

Whether you’re recovering from exercise or looking for Halloween decor items, we hope you find what you need on Amazon this fall season. Stay tuned for more fun monthly keyword round-ups from our team as we head towards the holidays. If you need account assistance or an Amazon consultant (whether you are selling batteries or yoga mats), please contact us for support.

[Data used 27th August - 2nd September 2023] 

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