What’s hot on Amazon: A keyword round-up for September 2021

20 September, 2021
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At eCommerce Nurse, we’re always keeping our eyes on the top Amazon search terms, basically what’s in demand on the platform and what customers really really want. For 2021, you can learn from the latest keyword trends we’ve spotted using our tools and strategy research. 

It seems Amazon.com search terms are getting into the autumn spirit. It’s the season for pumpkin spice lattes all-round as the American population gets ready to celebrate the cooler weather. Bring on the fall decorations and sweaters! Here are our insights to optimise your content for seasonal patterns, growth, and potential niches. Check out the September 2021 edition keyword roundup.

Things are getting spooky

The top-searched term across the Amazon platform this week is … Halloween decorations.’ People are already buying their ‘halloween costumes’ and ‘Halloween costumes for women,’ plus adding a touch of comfort with ‘crocs womens’ and ‘crocs’ to really scare the neighbours. Customers are also preparing their homes inside and out with ‘Halloween decorations outdoor,’ ‘Halloween decorations indoor,’ and ‘Halloween decor.’ Everyone is eager to celebrate ‘Halloween’ this year, going all out with ‘candy’ ‘horror movies.’

A screenshot of bestselling Halloween decorations on Amazon.com.

Falling for you

Halloween is still a long way off, and customers are also eager to celebrate the season more generally. Customers are falling to Amazon for all things fall, searching for ‘fall decor,’ ‘fall decorations for home,’ and getting cosy with ‘fall clothes for women.’ 

A few people are really ahead of the curve and skipping straight to winter. Surprisingly, ‘Christmas decorations’ also placed in the top terms.

A dress for every occasion

Amazon historically struggled to get its apparel department up and running. But if the top searched terms recently are any indication, it’s trending toward success. ‘Dresses,’ ‘womens tops,’ and ‘womens dresses,’ are topping the search terms. Customers are also still prepping for those post-lockdown weddings with ‘wedding guest dresses for women,’ and  ‘dresses for wedding guest.’ Logically following that, Amazon is also a good place to shop for harder to find items, such as ‘maternity dress.’ 

Customers are also searching for specific trends, looking for a ‘white dress,’ and ‘homecoming dresses’ to look unique at the school dance.


Pop-its aren’t popping off the trend anytime soon. While we thought there wasn’t much to evolve, it’s clear that vendors and sellers have other ideas. You can purchase a ‘fidget pack,’ or ‘fidget toy pack,’ which are multipacks with up to 50 different fidget toys at a time. You can also now find ‘pop it’ and ‘fidgets’ in various colours, shapes, and game options. For several months now, this category has been growing and also includes some perennial faves every month. More top search terms included ‘squishmallow,’ ‘fidget toys,’ and ‘pop it fidget toys.’

Some popular fidget toy packs on Amazon.com in September 2021.

Another type of fall apples

An ‘Apple’ of another kind is also dropping into the top 200 like it’s a crisp harvest festival. Customers are searching for an ‘iPhone 12 pro max case,’ the more general ‘iPhone,’ and all the accessories to go with them. We always need a spare ‘portable charger,’ ‘power bank,’ and a new batch of ‘popsockets.’

Covid continues

While Covid is always on our minds, it’s clearly not going away anytime soon. Alongside the now usual pandemic-centric terms of ‘disposable face masks,’ ‘face mask,’ ‘masks’ and ‘black disposable face masks,’ people are now arming themselves with home testing options. Ever evolving, ‘covid 19 test kit at home’ has entered the top 200 terms.

Fit and fighting

A somewhat surprising category hanging out in the top 200, we saw a smattering of health-related terms as customers search for wellbeing products. First, customers are hydrating with ‘water bottles,’ ‘water bottle,’ and ‘water.’ After exercise, they’re looking to refuel with ‘protein powder,’ and having a stretch on the ‘yoga mat.’ Customers are also singing the alphabet with ‘vitamin d3,’ ‘vitamin c,’ ‘zinc,’ and ‘vitamin d.’

A screenshot of Amazon's Choice yoga mats in September 2021.

Stay tuned for more fun keyword round-ups from our team. And if you need account assistance or an Amazon consultant (whether you are selling pumpkin decor or supplements) please contact us for questions. 

[Data used 5-11 September 2021]

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Dani Thompson

Dani Thompson

Dani Thompson is the senior marketing manager for eCommerce Nurse and Vendor Society. As an ex-Amazonian, Dani has experience in merchandising, e-commerce strategy, and ensuring customers have an exceptional overall on-site experience. She is passionate about helping vendors and sellers optimise their presence on Amazon.

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