What’s hot on Amazon: A keyword round-up for May 2021

19 May, 2021
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At eCommerce Nurse, we’re always keeping our eyes on the top Amazon search terms, basically what’s in demand on the platform and what customers really want. For 2021, you can learn from the latest keyword trends we’ve spotted using our clever tools and strategy research. Stand by for a broader understanding of what’s happening on Amazon this month and gain insights to optimise your content for seasonal patterns, growth, and potential niches. Here’s the May 2021 edition roundup of keywords for Amazon.com.

Fidgets are spinning and popping everywhere

Gather your cubes and pop-its, the fidgeting toy craze is still here and it looks like we’ll still be relieving stress and anxiety right into summer. This month saw ‘fidget toys,’ ‘pop it,’ ‘fidget pack,’ ‘pop its,’ and, ‘Squishmallow’ on the top of the most-searchable list. May dawned a new trend, too, with the ‘simple dimple,’ a smaller fidget toy that fits on a keychain or in a pocket, coming into play.

(Screenshot from Amazon of top results for 'simple dimple.')

Speaking of playtime, a smattering of kids’ toys showed up this week, including, ‘Lego,’ ‘Pokemon cards,’ ‘candy,’ ‘Pokemon,’ ‘books for 3-year-olds,’ and ‘Barbie.’ School is almost out for many kids in the US, and parents might be looking to keep kids busy.

Fresh looks for summer soirées

At the moment, women’s fashion items are dominating the top 100 on Amazon. A small sample of the terms rising up the list includes, ‘summer dresses for women,’ ‘dresses,’ ‘women’s tops,’ and ‘swimsuit for women.’ Customers also don’t want to forget accessorising their feet with ‘women’s sandals,’ ‘sandals for women,’ and ‘Crocs.’ Crocs are a perennial spring fave on Amazon and have certainly had a strong week with all their recent press coverage. ‘Croc sandals for women’ can also be embellished with ‘Croc charms' should you need to stand out from the crowd.

Wedding guest dresses on Amazon.com

(Screenshot from Amazon of wedding guest dresses).

As wedding season approaches, ‘wedding guest dress’ has also appeared on the list, signalling quite a difference from last summer at this time! User tip: Avoid pairing Crocs with those fancy wedding frocks!

Self-care has taken a little bit of a backseat this month, but we still spotted ‘water bottle,’ ‘gua sha,’ ‘protein powder,’ and new to the top 200 ‘massage gun' if you're hoping to look your best for wedding season.

More than a bunch of flowers

Shoppers flocked to Amazon this month to buy ‘Mother’s Day gifts’ and also started planning for ‘Father’s Day gifts.’ Get in the good books with the parents and remember Father’s Day is June 20th this year. Perhaps the next paragraphs will provide you some gift ideas for your old man?

Mow the lawn, we're coming out

Gardens and backyards are getting revamped all over the country. With the usual suspects of ‘outdoor lights,’ ‘patio furniture sets,’ ‘solar lights outdoors,’ and ‘outdoor furniture’ holding steady on the list from April. Amazon also grew some new contenders such as, ‘outdoor rug,’ ‘hammock,’ ‘trampoline,’ and ‘fire pit.’

We hope you’re lucky enough to have a neighbour who’s just invested in a ‘pool,’ and all the kit to go with it … ‘chlorine tablets,’ ‘beach towel,’ ‘beach chairs,’ and ‘pool floats.’ Sounds like we're all getting ready to have fun in the sun. 

pool floats on amazon

(Screenshot from Amazon of page one pool floats).

Along with gardening and redecorating, it seems our feathery friends are getting some love, with ‘bird feeder’ and ‘hummingbird feeders for outdoors’ made an appearance this month.

Keeping up with the Joneses

Ah, welcome back home appliances. For months there has been a void of these terms in the top 200, perhaps as people scrimped and saved during the pandemic. This month we saw ‘airfryer,’ ‘air purifier,’ ‘portable air conditioner,’ ‘vacuum cleaner,’ and everyone needs a good ‘coffee maker.’

Stay tuned for more fun keyword round-ups from our team. And if you need account assistance or an Amazon consultant (whether you are selling trampolines or diamond ring pool toys) please contact us for questions. 

[Data used 9-15 May 2021] 

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Dani Thompson

Dani Thompson

Dani Thompson is the senior marketing manager for eCommerce Nurse and Vendor Society. As an ex-Amazonian, Dani has experience in merchandising, e-commerce strategy, and ensuring customers have an exceptional overall on-site experience. She is passionate about helping vendors and sellers optimise their presence on Amazon.

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