What’s hot on Amazon: A keyword round-up for February 2022

21 February, 2022
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At eCommerce Nurse, we’re always keeping our eyes on the top Amazon search terms, basically what’s in demand on the platform and what customers really want. For 2022 you can learn from the latest keyword trends we’ve spotted using our tools and strategy research. 

This month, Amazon.com search terms truly reflected the love in the air with Valentine’s Day as a big gifting holiday. Here are our insights to optimise your content for seasonal patterns, growth, and potential niches. Please enjoy the February 2022 edition of our keyword roundup.

Customers love shopping

The highlight of February on Amazon.com was clearly ‘valentine’s day.’ Americans searched for a number of gifting items, from ‘flowers,’ and ‘gift cards’ to the more general searches which likely lead to a lot of browsing and buying. ‘Gifts for men,’ ‘gifts for women,’ ‘valentines day gifts,’ ’valentines day gifts for her,’ ‘valentines day gifts for him,’ and ‘mens valentines gifts’ were all top searches this month. At the very least, ‘valentines cards’ or ‘valentines day cards,’ hopefully showed up at your door. 

While it’s a holiday for romance, it’s also a fun one for kids across the country. Parents and friends searched for ‘valentines day gifts for kids,’ and also supplies for school parties. We hope customers found the right vibe, shopping for ‘kids valentines day cards for school,’ ‘valentines cards for kids’ ‘valentines cards for kids classroom.’ And even adding some red and pink ‘valentines day candy.’

A screenshot of example results on Amazon.com

Customers set the scene with ‘valentines day decor,’ and also searched for items for more intimate celebrations, such as  ‘lingerie,’ ‘lingerie for women,’ and ‘sexy lingerie for women.’  Some people were even given the ultimate surprise with ‘rings’ jumping in the ratings. There was also an increase in terms that lend themselves well to online shopping and are best left to the imagination.

Apple still takes the cake

It appears that Amazon is the go-to-place to accessories your ‘apple’ products with watches, Airpods, and iPhones all being taken care of with ‘airpod case,’ ‘airpod pro case,’ and ‘airpods.’

Other top searches include ‘apple watch,’ products, specifically the ‘apple watch band,’ and ‘apple watch series 7.’ Tablets and phones plus the accompanying accessories are perennial favourites, too, including ‘ipad,’ ‘iphone, ‘iphone 12 case,’ ‘iphone 12 pro max case,’ ‘iphone 13 case,’ ‘iphone 13 pro case,’ ‘iphone 13 pro max case,’ and the ever-important ‘iphone charger.’

Incoming storks

One of our favourite new trends this month is those pandemic babies entering the scene. Customers were eager to shop for new clothes and gifts, and it showed in the top 200 terms with ‘baby registry search’ and ‘maternity dress’

What's cooking?

It’s out of the frying pan and into the ‘air fryer,’ these days. Kitchen terms heated up this month as customers shopped for upgrades and trending products. Shoppers also demonstrated the need for good ‘coffee’ at home with ‘coffee maker’ in the top terms. There was even a need for a ‘coffee table’ for the occasion, and a ‘mini fridge’ on standby. 

Splashing good time

Ah that little oasis, the bathroom, is being refreshed by lots of Amazon shoppers at the moment. Enter, searches for:  ‘shower head,’ ‘bathroom decor,’ ‘bathroom organizer,’ ‘bathroom rugs,’ and ‘laundry basket.’  People also searched for ‘candles’ to set the mood for relaxation in the bath.

Getting in shape

Those looking for well-being products fill their carts with muscle. Top terms included  ‘creatine’ and ‘protein powder,’  plus ‘sports bras for women,’ and  ‘workout sets for women.’ Customers also shopped for ‘vitamin d,’ ‘water bottle,’ ‘water bottles’ ‘weight loss’ and ‘yoga mat’ to help get them set for home workouts and new fitness endeavours. More specifically, customers browsed for the brand ‘nike,’ and ‘nike shoes men.’

Amazon Pantry

Some bestselling snacks on Amazon.com

Amazon is filling the pantries of Americans who’d rather shop for a deal than search local stores with still-present supply-chain issues. Customers added basics like ‘paper towels,’ ‘bread, ’‘snacks,’ and ‘toothpaste’ to their baskets. Sweet staples, like ‘candy,’ and ‘chocolate’ rounded out the top terms (probably thanks to Valentine’s Day). And the ever-present ‘toilet paper’ hunt continues. 

Pampering pets

It’s not only the humans filling the pantry, pandemic pets are still getting a lot of loving attention. Amazon’s ‘cat food,’ and ‘dog food,’ met pets’ basic needs. With ‘dog toys,’ ‘dog treats,’ and ‘dog bed’ searches made it seem like dogs are really top dog. 

Need more help?

Whether you’re pampering your pooch or looking for post-Valentine’s Day clearance items, we hope you’re finding what you need on Amazon. Stay tuned for more fun, monthly keyword round-ups from our team. And if you need account assistance or an Amazon consultant (whether you are selling candles or yoga mats) please contact us for support.

[Data used 6th-12th February 2022]

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Dani Thompson

Dani Thompson

Dani Thompson is the senior marketing manager for eCommerce Nurse and Vendor Society. As an ex-Amazonian, Dani has experience in merchandising, e-commerce strategy, and ensuring customers have an exceptional overall on-site experience. She is passionate about helping vendors and sellers optimise their presence on Amazon.

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