Amazon Keywords February 2021

What’s hot on Amazon: A keyword round-up for February 2021

At eCommerce Nurse, we’re always keeping an eye on the top search terms. For 2021, we’re sharing the latest keyword trends we spotted using our tools and systems. Hopefully, this gives you a broader understanding of what’s happening on Amazon this February and helps you optimise content for seasonal patterns, growth, and potential niches. This is a freezing February edition roundup of keywords for

The big freeze

While parts of the US are covered in more than their fair share of snow and sub-zero temperatures, people headed (virtually) to the Amazon for support, with “generator,” “generators for home use,” “candles,” “heater,” “water bottle,” “space heater,” and “electric blanket” rose into the top 100.  Customers were also looking to stock up on cupboard-staples like “bread,” “milk,” “water,” “eggs,” and perhaps most importantly for some, “coffee.” 

Dressing for warmth is also a hot topic with “snow boots for women” zipping up the top searches. Still, customers weren’t forgetting to have a bit of fun with “sled,” “snow sled,” and “snow shovels” also making an appearance in the top 200. Hopefully, many folks managed to have some winter fun in the snow. 

Screen time and entertainment

While some people embraced the outdoors, other customers are still keen for an escape from reality, as the pandemic persists and cold weather keeps families indoors. This week, “ps5,” “ps5 console,” “Xbox series x,” “iPhone,” “gaming chair,” “lightning cable,” “Nintendo Switch games,” and “ps4 controller,”  all appeared in the top 100. There was also a spike in searches around TV programs and networks for additional distraction and inside fun.  These included, “horror movies,” “HBO Max,” “Harry Potter,” “movies,” “Star Trek,” “Spiderman,” “Disney Plus,” “Greenland,” and some “documentaries,” for a little education.

Tik Tok time

Social media influencers are still working their hustle. We suspect they might be responsible for the following keywords on Amazon: “leggings,” “tik tok leggings,” “waist trainer for women,” “butt lifting leggings,” “ring light,” “pop sockets,” “weighted hula hoops,” “makeup organizer,” “makeup,”  “massage gun,” and “yoga mat” all peppering the top 200 this week. Please share your wins on social, and don’t forget the Amazon review, too.

Home office setup

Throughout the pandemic and as people worked from home longer and longer, customers have been searching for ways to improve their home office and working situations. This week, “desk,” “earbuds,” “portable charger,” “office chair,” “laptop,” “desk chair,” “coffee maker,” “printer,” “wireless headphones,” “computer desk,” and “mouse pad” all sat comfortably in the top 200. 

Convenience is king, and the appearance of “water bottle” and “mini fridge” may mean that people are tired of walking to and from the kitchen all day. While others are looking to keep their fingers busy while on endless Zoom calls, “fidget toys,” “fidget pack,” “Squishmallows,” and “pop it fidget toy” all entered the top search terms.

A glimmer of hope

Spring holidays are approaching, bringing with them a glimmer of fun and amusement on the horizon. “St Patrick’s Day decorations,” “Easter decorations,” “chocolate,” “candy,” and even people optimistically shopping for “swimsuits for women.” 

Stay tuned for more fun keyword round-ups from our team. And if you need account assistance or an Amazon consultant (whether you are selling fidget spinners or Easter bunnies) please contact us for questions.

[Data used 14-20th February 2021]

Dani Thompson

Dani Thompson

Dani Thompson is a senior client manager with eCommerce Nurse. As an ex-Amazonian, Dani has experience in merchandising, e-commerce strategy, and ensuring customers have an exceptional overall on-site experience. She is passionate about helping vendors and sellers optimise their presence on Amazon.

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