What are ECN wishing for on their Amazon Christmas wishlist?

19 December, 2023
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Dear reader, today at eCommerce Nurse, I’ve decided to become the company’s self-appointed fairy godmother. A fairy godmother on a budget who can’t necessarily promise to deliver, but a well-intentioned fairy godmother nonetheless. It’s the thought that counts, right?!

With the holiday season just a hop, skip, and half a dozen mince pies around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what we all want for Christmas. Ahem, I mean, what we all want to give our loved ones for Christmas (but secretly us).

Fortunately, Amazon has a handy little Wish List feature on its platform. This virtual shopping list means you can go wild, selecting every beauty serum, tech gadget and outrageous fad for your family to filter through in their search for your perfect present. Did somebody say robot lawnmower?! 

As my first act as a benevolent Christmas sprite, I asked the rest of the eCommerce Nurse team what they’d like on their Amazon wish list this year. 

A DIY doozy

We’ve all got one. A cupboard/drawer/room that we don’t talk about. A locked door beyond which lies years' worth of detritus that has no discernible home (but that we’re not quite willing to part with yet). A place for items we once thought essential but have now been relegated to the ‘I might use this one day…maybe’ category.
For our marketing executive, Emily, her secret storage room is her garage, and the items stored there were rather precariously stacked on a not-fit-for-purpose shoe rack that gave up the ghost. The result? Stuff. Everywhere. Emily’s must-have item this Christmas are some seriously heavy-duty garage racking shelves. These DIY bad boys mean business and will give any infrequently used items that don’t usually see the light of day a proper place for when their moment in the spotlight finally returns.

Self-care for Sara

Self-care and wellness are all the rage, and rightly so. We all need to unwind and take care of our needs. It enables us to be the best version of ourselves at work and home. Self-care can be sitting down to a marathon box set of your favourite TV series, luxuriating in a hot, scented bubble bath, attending a weekly yoga class, or, in Sara’s case, doing some therapeutic ironing. This Christmas, our business support manager, Sara, is coveting a cutting-edge, top-of-the-range steam generator iron with intelligent tech! If this baby can’t get her creases out, there’s no hope. This high-tech uber iron will undoubtedly provide Sara with many neatly folded piles of smooth and refreshed laundry (and Christmas stockings) for years to come.

‘It’s Chriiiiistmas’

*Shouted, Noddy Holder-style, from the classic Slade banger, “Merry Christmas Everyone”.*
Yes, Noddy, it is ‘nearly’ Christmas, and that means hearing you on loop in every shop from October to December, twinkly lights everywhere, and out-there festive decorations for everyone.

Our catalogue executive, Vanessa, has made an on-point, seasonal selection that will bring a smile to everyone’s face. I’d even go so far as to say, ‘Is it really Christmas if you don’t have a giant inflatable Santa, sleigh and reindeer in your front garden?’ Although, technically, Vanessa would need her Christmas present before the big day, as the self-appointed Christmas fairy, I’ll let this one slide.

How do you take your tea?

Whether you’re sipping egg nog, an indulgent hot chocolate with marshmallows or a refreshing cup of mint tea, the Christmas season is all about getting cosy, curling up on the sofa with friends and family, and generally cultivating feelings of glowy warmth and good cheer. Our marketplace operations executive, Sophie, is right on track with her wish list item. Her gift de jour is an elegant glass tea cup with a matching ornate spoon. Without a hefty price tag, I’d say any future Secret Santas have just had their lives made a lot easier with this unique gift.

Indian delights

For our senior marketing and content manager and in-house globetrotter, Dani, her wish list item is about cultural immersion and nostalgic revisitings. To say Dani is well-travelled is an understatement. Based out of Singapore, her regular adventuring is jealousy-inducing. Her summer trip to India was documented by colourful photos of jaw-dropping vistas and architecture, so it makes sense that her Christmas item calls back to those heady days of exploration. Patterns of India offers a textile-based tour of Rajasthan and already has me planning my summer holiday for 2024.

Toys aren’t just for kids

Quite often in life, we can get preoccupied with the small stuff. Often, the never-ending list of daily chores can become irksome, to say the least, so even in adulthood, we must remember that ‘play’ is vital. The magic of play has been known to help relieve stress and improve energy, boost creativity, and even increase connections with others. Our associate marketing manager, Saffron, has chosen an item that fosters play and makes the perfect creative DIY project: an incredible Lego 'playable' grand piano model. This intricate build has a motor and moving pieces and actually plays 14 songs! I might have to add it to my wish list!

Get in Touch

With literally millions of items on Amazon to choose from, whether you’re a Secret Santa or just treating yourself, you won’t be short of ideas this holiday season. If you’re a seller looking to give your brand a sprinkling of Christmas magic in time for the gift-giving event of the year, get in touch. Our eCommerce Nurse merry band of marketing elves is comprised of ex-Amazonians and Amazon experts, laden with tinsel and happy to help. 

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