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21 November, 2022
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Videos are essential in advertising. They gain immediate engagement when viewers catch a glimpse of the movement and sound. 

Consumers report that they prefer video over text to learn about a product. A 2021 Cisco report showed that internet video traffic would be 80% of all internet traffic, revealing the scope for businesses to use video content to inform and promote their products online. 

Video can reach a far greater and more relevant audience. They can appear on channels such as a product page on Amazon, a social media post, an information website or streaming videos, allowing brands to show a product in action while highlighting its benefits.  

Amazon promotes various types of video ads

There are various types of video advertising available to advertisers on and off of Amazon. Sponsored Brand Videos (SBV), streaming TV ads (OTT) and online video ads (OLV). OTT and OLV help brands find the most relevant audiences in the customer journey using streaming and shopping signals, whilst SBV is keyword focused based on customer searches.

  1. Streaming TV Ads: OTT (over-the-top) ads are streaming media content that features on several devices such as smartphones, gaming consoles, tablets and connected TVs (CTV). Amazon Streaming TV ads can increase brand and product awareness as viewers notice them on free and subscription streaming services.
  1. Online Video Ads: Using OLV can drive brand awareness and activity in both the upper and lower end of the sales funnel. Viewers can watch OLV in both in-stream and out-stream formats across browsers and apps. 
  1. Sponsored Brand Video Ads (SBV): SBV is available only on Amazon and appears in search results, linking customers directly to the product detail page. SBV targets keywords and is based on a cost-per-click model. It is a great tool for driving conversion at a low cost. 

Choosing the type of Amazon video ad

OTT content is watched at home, while OLV is visible anywhere on demand. Yet many viewers still prefer watching video content on their CTV at home. Both OLV and OTT are high-funnel activities focusing on product and brand awareness. OLV can also drive lower funnel sales when viewers click on ads, along with SBV taking viewers directly to the product page on Amazon. Having a mix of all 3 advertising types will allow advertisers to gain an advantage over their competitors by combining the strengths of all ads to drive strong and relevant brand awareness. 

Combine Amazon video advertising with Sponsored Ads 

A halo effect is created when businesses invest in video advertising OTT and/or OLV and promote their brand off Amazon. It results in an increase in branded searches and detail page views on Amazon. Businesses can gain the most from video advertising by running sponsored ads on Amazon, including sponsored products and sponsored brand ads that focus on branded and non-branded keywords. This can ensure that potential customers searching for your product on Amazon, find your ad instead of your competitor’s. It can also increase organic search on your product listing.

Video creation tips

When creating a video for a marketing campaign, consider the purpose of making the content, your audience, and the desired end result. With campaign goals in place, ensure you send out the right message to your target audience, such as educational content for an innovative product. The quality should be good, with clear images and sound for different-sized devices, as well as captions and on-screen text for viewers whose devices are on mute. Remember to keep it brief and include music and narration to make the video more engaging. Lastly, a clear call to action is key, such as a link to a purchase.

With the high conversion rates video content produces, brands should also be including video not only in their ads but also on their product pages; in the main image gallery and A+ Premium (if available).

If you’re still unsure whether to invest in video content and advertising, consider that many brands are still unaware of the advantage of video content. Heading out first will give you a competitive edge and experience before the crowd catches on.

At eCommerce Nurse we can assist you with building video content that will make your ads stand out from the competition and convert into sales. If you are interested and want to know more, please reach out, we would love to hear from you.

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Carina McLeod

Carina McLeod

Carina spent over seven years working in Vendor Management at Amazon UK and now is the CEO and Founder of eCommerce Nurse and Vendor Society. Carina loves sharing her Amazon knowledge and helping vendors and sellers grow their business on Amazon.

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