Ultimate Guide to Amazon Badges

19 December, 2023
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In the vast world of eCommerce, trust is important. Amazon’s customer-centric approach seeks to both reassure buyers and allow sellers to establish credibility. How do they do it? Badges. Earning a stripe of colour on your Amazon listing can mean many things–from denoting a discount or distinguishing a bestseller– but one thing’s certain, it’s nearly guaranteed to increase sales. This blog will detail the different Amazon badges, what they mean, and how to get them on your brand’s listings.

What are Amazon badges?

Amazon badges are visual indicators displayed on product listings to highlight specific qualities or achievements of the seller or the product. Amazon offers several different types of badges that each serve a unique purpose. Some commonly seen badges are Amazon's Choice, Amazon Prime, and Limited-Time Deal.

Why do Amazon badges matter?

Amazon badges are designed to provide quick, easily recognizable information to buyers on a search results page or a product detail page. These badges allow customers to make informed clicking and purchasing decisions. They also allow sellers and brands to differentiate themselves from the competition.

ultimate guide to amazon badges ecommerce nurse blog iphone battle

In the above example, searching for “iPhone case” yields over 100,000 results in an instant. When a customer scrolls through page one, certain badges immediately distinguish certain products. The Casely one has a Prime badge, a Small Business badge, and a Sponsored badge. The OtterBox listing has a Limited-time Deal badge, Prime Overnight, and more reviews and ratings. Is a customer more likely to click on the Casely case or the OtterBox case? Likely, the Otterbox case, with its tempting deal, higher number of five-star reviews, and Prime delivery options. 

All of this can be quickly learned from a glance thanks to badges that provide transparency, showcasing products with a track record of success, positive reviews, and reliable fulfillment options. Buyers are more likely to have confidence in products bearing these badges.

Types of Amazon badges

Want to know what that orange stripe means? Each badge has a specific meaning and certain requirements for it to display. Wondering how to get the Amazon’s Choice badge? Read on.

ultimate guide to amazon badges ecommerce nurse blog bestseller

Best Seller: The Best Seller badge is awarded to products that have consistently performed well in terms of sales and popularity within a specific category. There are bestsellers in every category on Amazon, from the large overall categories (like Sports & Outdoors) to the more granular ones (like Backpacking Tents, sitting under Sports & Outdoors). This badge indicates that the product is in high demand from being in the top 100 of a category or subcategory and has garnered positive reviews from customers.

ultimate guide to amazon badges ecommerce nurse blog amazonchoice

Amazon's Choice: The Amazon's Choice badge is bestowed upon products that are highly rated, well-priced, and readily available for shipping. It serves as a recommendation from Amazon's algorithms based on factors like favorable customer reviews, low pricing, and product availability (Prime-eligible). A product can be Amazon’s Choice for a frequently converting search term, like “cute women’s running shoes,” so even if it’s not a top-100 product, it’s a great designation.

ultimate guide to amazon badges ecommerce nurse blog limited time deal

Limited Time Deal or Deal of the Day: Two of the most eye-catching badges, the Limited Time Deal badge or Deal of the Day badge is for products that are discounted for a limited time only. This Limited Time Deal badge is red and often shown next to a strike-through price.  The Deal of the Day badge is orange. Activate these under “Advertising” in Seller Central by creating a Lightning Deal, 7-Day Deal, or other offering that meets Amazon’s requirements.

ultimate guide to amazon badges ecommerce nurse blog coupon

Coupons: This green badge is a paid promotion to advertise a temporary discount. Sellers can find this in Advertising in Seller Central and set up a coupon based on a percentage off or a dollar amount reduction. Each time a coupon is “clipped” or used, it will charge the seller a small fee.

ultimate guide to amazon badges ecommerce nurse blog deals

Discounts: Lowering the price of your listing in Seller Central and creating a temporary sale and earn a red badge with the discount level next to a strike-through price on the site. This can be an eye-catching and free way to entice customers. Further notations may be made on the listing if it is the “Lowest price in 30 days.”

ultimate guide to amazon badges ecommerce nurse blog climate pledge

Prime: The Amazon Prime badge signifies that a product is eligible for Amazon Prime, a membership program offering benefits like fast and free shipping. Prime-eligible products enjoy enhanced visibility and are favored by buyers seeking expedited delivery. This badge can have further indications, like Same-Day or Overnight, based on where the product ships from and where the customer is ordering from.

Climate Pledge Friendly: A product that is certified through one of Amazon’s 18 sustainability partners will earn this green badge. Upload the necessary certifications to automatically assign this badge to your products. 

ultimate guide to amazon badges ecommerce nurse blog small business

Small Business: Products that qualify for this fall under a company that qualifies as a small business. This means businesses with fewer than 100 employees and less than $50 million in annual revenue. Brands must also be registered in the Amazon Brand Registry or participate in the Handmade program to receive this and keep up their certification yearly.

Sponsored: Sponsored badges indicate that a product is promoted by Amazon through Amazon Advertising. These badges help sellers increase their product's visibility and reach a larger audience, but they also tell customers that it is a pay-per-click placement. When customers click on these listings, it does result in a cost for sellers.

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA): FBA badges are displayed on products that are stored, packed, and shipped by Amazon. This badge assures buyers of reliable fulfillment, efficient delivery, and the backing of Amazon's customer service.

New Release: The New Release badge on Amazon highlights recently launched products, and is available for the first 90 days after a product launches. This badge can help capture the attention of early adopters and those looking for the latest releases in a category.

ultimate guide to amazon badges ecommerce nurse blog dermatologist

Category Badges: Depending on the category a product sits in, there are some other product-type specific badges a product can earn. These require additional certifications beyond the ones mentioned above. For example, in cosmetics, there is a badge for items developed by dermatologists. 

The benefits of badges

With literally millions of options available on Amazon, buyers can find it challenging to make informed decisions. Amazon badges simplify the process by providing quick and reliable information, allowing buyers to assess a product's quality, popularity, and suitability at a glance. 

Given the color and eye-catching nature of each badge, Amazon badges can significantly boost the visibility of products. For sellers looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace, this is a great tool to boost sales. Badges like Best Seller and Amazon's Choice attract the attention of buyers, increasing the chances of sales and exposure to a wider audience.

Want an Amazon badge?

Before you go chasing Amazon badges and recognition, understand that a lot of the work comes from basic Amazon principles. These include pricing, availability, and solid listing optimization. You cannot hope to earn badges if your products lack SEO-rich keywords, detailed images and information (to help customers know what they’re getting and leave good reviews), and good content that causes customers to convert. Finally, if you aren’t advertising, it’s going to be a lot more difficult to get that Amazon’s Choice badge (which is based on keyword conversions). 

If you need help improving your listings and discoverability to enhance your sales, eCommerce Nurse can help. Amazon badges will remain a vital part of the Amazon ecosystem. With a range of services to help you grow and evolve, contact us for account management, marketing assistance, and more.

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