Top tips for driving traffic from social media to your Amazon brand

eCommerce Nurse offers a variety of ways to drive traffic to your Amazon product listings and brand Stores, using optimisation, strategic approaches to your ecommerce offering, and Amazon Advertising; but social media platforms also offer an effective opportunity to move customer interest from upper-funnel environments, to the ultimate shopping destination. 

If social media isn’t currently part of your overall marketing strategy, these top tips may make you think again. Often overlooked by ecommerce businesses, social media offers a real chance to create a deeper connection with your ideal customers, moving them down the purchase funnel in an authentic and organic way, and ensuring they become the most valuable customers of all: advocates and loyalists.

At the broadest level, social media platforms offer access to millions of prospects and are an effective brand awareness tool. The likes of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat are spaces where users are attracted to fun, engaging, visually-led content. Influencers and brands alike have developed content strategies which captivate, innovate and often lead to viral posts.

However, you don’t need huge budgets and millions of followers for social media to make a difference to your business, you just need the know-how.

  • CREATE A DEEP CONNECTION. Create a social media strategy that gives depth to your business. Share the inspiration, introduce the ‘problem’ your product is solving and then use social media to show the product in action, and demonstrate where it fits into the lives of your target audience. Photography of your product in-situation is a great way of capturing the attention of your audience. Many consumers want to feel they are aligned with a brand, or share their values. Create a social media presence which truly reflects your values and also importantly mirrors the visuals of your Amazon brand for consistency. 
  • MAKE IT EASY. Most platforms have introduced direct links from Posts/Stories (if they didn’t already) and these can be particularly effective, especially in organic posts. As Amazon sellers you know that sending direct traffic to your listings is a great tool if you have an engaged user, but less so if you are adopting the ‘spray and pray’ method. In an organic post, where a user is consuming your content or actively engaging, utilizing this direct link makes it really easy for them to reach your listing and make that purchase in the blink of an eye. 
  • START A CONVERSATION. Social media can also allow you to start a conversation and develop a deeper relationship with your customer, building that trust and managing their expectations from the offset. Tools such as Facebook Chatbot which lives within Facebook Messenger, gives you access to millions of potential customers and the opportunity to converse with them and understand their needs.  Most people (69% in the U.S.) who message businesses say being able to do so improves their confidence in the brand. Utilize this connection, nurture your prospects and send them to your Amazon listing or Store at the right time to maximise their purchase intent.

One lasting point. Consistency is key when it comes to content marketing, and in the same way your social media should reflect your website, you should also ensure all visuals and copy are aligned with your Amazon presence. Amazon Stores give you an immersive place to introduce audiences to your story, mission and products, and if traffic is coming from social media platforms they are a great environment to extend the relationship you’ve started to develop. Make it personal, make it relevant, and most importantly, make it easy.

Emma Smith

Emma Smith

Emma Smith is the social media manager for eCommerce Nurse. She has worked for some of the world’s biggest publishers, including Yahoo and AOL, and has 20 years' experience creating and devising social and digital content strategies for brands and advertisers. She enjoys working with business owners to add some colour and creativity to their content!
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