TikTok Acronyms Glossary

1 March, 2024
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Affiliate Center

A platform within TikTok Shop where affiliates can access promotional materials, track their referral links and monitor their earnings from driving sales to products on the platform.

Content Creator

Individuals who create and share engaging content on TikTok, including product reviews, tutorials and sponsored posts, to promote products available on TikTok Shop.

Conversion Rate

The percentage of TikTok users who make a purchase after interacting with a product listing or shopping content on the platform.

Discovery Feed

A curated section within TikTok Shop where users can explore a variety of products, discover trending items and find recommendations based on their interests and past interactions with content on TikTok.

Explore Tab

A section within TikTok Shop that highlights trending products, brands and shopping content for users to discover.

Hashtags Challenges

Marketing campaigns on TikTok where users are encouraged to create and share content related to a specific hashtag, often featuring products available on TikTok Shop.

In-App Checkout

The feature on TikTok Shop that enables users to complete purchases without leaving the app.


A content creator who shares videos and photos on social media that influences behaviours and purchasing decisions made by their follower base. They usually acquire dedicated and engaged followers based on their relatable or aspirational content.

Influencer Collaboration

Partnerships between TikTok Shop brands and popular influencers or content creators who promote products to their followers, leveraging their influence and credibility to drive sales.

Livestream Shopping

A real-time shopping experience on TikTok where users can watch live videos showcasing products and make purchases whilst viewing.

Product Listing

A detailed description of a product including images, videos and specifications; these are displayed on TikTok Shop for users to browse and purchase.

Product Tagging

The process of adding clickable tags to TikTok videos (called shoppable videos) to link directly to product listings on TikTok Shop.

Seller Center

A platform provided by TikTok that enables businesses and individuals to sell products directly to users on the TikTok app.

Shopping Feed

A personalised feed on TikTok Shop that showcases product recommendations based on user preferences, browsing and purchasing behaviour.

Shoppable Video

A brand’s TikTok video in which items from its linked TikTok Shop are embedded and may be purchased with the click of a button via the video.

Spark Ads

A native advertising format on TikTok Shop which allows sellers to create ads from their own organic video posts as well as content made by other creators (with their authorisation).

TikTok Shop (TTS)

The e-commerce feature of TikTok through which users can search, discover and purchase products directly within the app. They can also watch product review videos and upload UGC with affiliate links.

User Generated Content (UGC)

Videos and photos that appear to be created by TikTok Shop customers in response to their having had a positive experience with the product or service they have purchased on the platform. This usually includes featuring the product that was purchased on the platform. UCS is often shared on social media platforms to provide authentic testimonials and recommendations.

Verified Merchant

A status given to brands and sellers on TikTok Shop that signifies trustworthiness and authenticity, providing users with confidence when making purchases.

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