Why Amazon sellers should be diversifying and selling on Walmart

In this episode, we talk about selling on Walmart.com and why this should be at the top of a sellers list of marketplaces to sell on.

We have two special guests from Brand3P, Ping Hao, the CEO and Co-founder Burke White.  Brand3P is an ecommerce strategic advisory company who works with businesses looking to sell on Walmart marketplace among other channels.

Ping was a founding member of Walmart marketplace for over 3 years where she led an international seller team to grow the program to what it is today. She has been leading product innovation, market acceleration and consumer adoption for over 20 years.

Burke also a member of the Walmart marketplace team, led Partner Success launching brands of all sizes on Walmart.com. Burke has a deep background in retail, helping brands and retailers transition from wholesale to the digital ecommerce model.

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