Building one of Europe’s leading eCommerce acquisition platforms

In this episode, we talk about the journey from being an eCommerce seller to building one of Europe’s leading eCommerce acquisition platforms. We have a special guest Sam Hörbye, one of the co-founders of Olsam – the ‘Sam’ in ‘Olsam.’

Olsam is a platform turbocharging brands in the digital world, pioneering a marketplace-first approach. Olsam acquires and nurtures leading brands through innovative partnerships with eCommerce entrepreneurs. Once a brand becomes part of the Olsam platform, brands tap into technology, data, and operational expertise custom-built to drive exponential revenue and profit growth. Olsam’s marketplace-first approach to digital brand building is all about unlocking the overlooked potential in the growing $2.7 trillion global marketplace economy. Olsam is a growing global team sitting across 3 continents, 15 nationalities, with deep eCommerce expertise, and has raised over $170 million from top-tier VC funds.

Prior to starting Olsam, Sam worked for Amazon in their marketplace team helping hundreds of UK and EU SMEs trade on the marketplace. He also started and scaled a category-leading Amazon FBA business, scaling it $700k turnover in 1.5 years, before selling the brand in summer 2019.

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