Building a full-funnel advertising strategy to drive growth on Amazon

In this podcast episode, we talk about the importance of building a full-funnel Amazon Advertising strategy when driving growth on Amazon.

We have special guest Benedict Turner, DSP Account Manager at Perpetua. Benedict started his career in advertising around 6 years ago and has since been involved in a meteoric rise to understanding how businesses promote themselves in several environments. Beginning his advertising career at The Telegraph and later The New York Times, his exposure to the biggest brands in the world with advertising for publishers paved the way for understanding how advertising worked in specific motivational environments. This was all while the news media industry and publisher landscape was going through a vast transformation to a subscription-first model, and how to make their core product something worth paying for. In the last year, his focus has shifted to the Amazon world, where he leads on the conceptualisation, activation, and delivery across the Amazon Display buying network for Perpetua in Europe. Perpetua provides growth infrastructure tools to allow customers to profitably scale growth on Amazon, with access to always-on optimisation and advance reporting for Sponsored Ads and DSP Advertising.

If you want to learn about how you can use Perpetua to optimize and automate your advertising, you can contact them via this link: Also if you need support managing your advertising, eCommerce Nurse is here to support you in building and driving your full-funnel strategy.

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