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30 November, 2023
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What did we do before online shopping? Better yet, what did we do before customer reviews? Amazon is the leading eCommerce platform in part because they let customers lead the way–with reviews, photos, customer questions, and other user-generated content to help complete strangers make better purchasing decisions. While we rely on this content to guide our shopping habits, some customers take the opportunity to showcase their humorous (or at least overly informative) side. In this blog, we will showcase some funny Amazon reviews and user-generated content from the site, where customers unleash their wit and creativity. Brace yourself for a look at giant mayo, date night and breakup drama, and of course, truly epic products. 

Space-shuttle grade and safe at 50mph

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There’s probably never a better need for durability than when it comes to buying a case for an expensive electronic device for children. The Amazon Kid-Proof Case for Fire HD 10 Tablet on comes in several kid-friendly colors and features a nice carrying handle. This rave review comes from a dad who accidentally left the case and tablet on the roof of a moving car. He says: “Bear in mind that I encountered no fewer than ten roundabouts and my driving style is far from conservative.” Sold to parents everywhere.

Pools of mayo

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Customer questions are oftentimes for hypothetical situations. And this question about mayonnaise certainly seems to push the boundaries. A customer poked fun at the industrial size of Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise Gallon-Size Jar by questioning how much it would take to fill a swimming pool. We hope you have free Prime shipping because that’s a lot of mayo. Fortunately, a helpful customer suggested a tomato sandwich. Gold.

Harry Potter and Prisoner of Heartbreak

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Sadly, the relationship didn’t last as long as these fun Harry Potter Makeup Brushes. This customer took to his Amazon review to share his woes, after purchasing this as a gift for a former girlfriend. May we suggest a journal? I’m sure there’s one on Amazon…

A hoot for date nights

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Ever used Amazon to shop for date-night supplies? Some customers got a little creative and chose to dissect Barn Owl Pellets for a romantic night in. Though we’re glad they “had lots of fun,” this review proves you can buy anything on Amazon. And also, your romantic match is out there somewhere. #lotsoflittlebones 

Emissions test

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Does everyone know that all Teslas come equipped with fart sounds? If you’re not into spending tens of thousands for an electronic toy, Amazon offers a Talkie Toys Fart Button for much cheaper. According to this reviewer, they are “having fun with it.” Parents take note, this may be a hot Christmas toy idea!

Didn’t deliver on expectations

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Have a Roblox fan in your household? This Funny Gamer Mug may be just the right addition to your cupboard or kitchen. Of course, shipping fragile items may result in disaster and disappointment. But this reviewer felt like maybe their delivery person got hungry, instead. May we suggest a little more styrofoam and liberal use of the “return” function on Amazon?

Not just for the ladies

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For those looking to showcase their bump in flowy fabric, this YnimioAOX Women's Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Maternity Dress for Photography Chiffon Maternity Gown for Photoshoot comes in a variety of colors and has a solid 4.5-star rating. One reviewer said his wife bought it, but since it was too big he took it upon himself to pose majestically. You know it’s going to be good when the review includes the phrase: “It’s lit fam.”

Bean bag hellscape

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Look, you know it’s going to be tricky when you buy 75 litres of Big Joe Bean Bag Refill. This reviewer had some difficulty with the large amount of static-filled foam beads pouring out of the bag when attempting to give new life to a bean bag chair. If a review ends with “At the end of this, you will lie on the floor weeping as the foam beads mock you,” we have to say it’s a hard pass. 

We hope these reviews and attempts at helpfulness and humour brought a smile to your face. The next time you find yourself browsing through Amazon products, read the reviews, and keep an eye out for those hidden gems of comedy gold. These prove you just never know what customers might feel is important information.

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