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How to access Amazon Editorial Recommendations to boost your performance

Revenue-growth roadblocks are common for seasoned sellers. Once keywords and listings have been optimized, PPC is competitive, and advertising efforts are diversified, it’s difficult to decide the next steps. Many sellers often get stuck in the maintenance stage of current efforts. In competitive categories, this scenario can be especially difficult because sellers can have great ratings and high review counts and still not organically rank where they’d like to. Amazon Editorials are a great solution that offers products increased page visibility, trust, and improvements in SEO performance and PPC efficiencies. 

What are Amazon Editorial Recommendations?

Amazon Editorial Recommendations are product recommendations on Amazon search results pages that are written by reputable affiliate publishers such as The New York Times’ Wirecutter, Best Reviews, and CNN Underscored. Their purpose is to simplify the shopper experience by providing a few quality options so that shoppers don’t have to look through pages of similarly rated products in order to make their purchasing decision.  

The Best Vacuums: An Editorial Recommendation written by Forbes for Amazon.com.

The Editorial Recommendation is most often within the top third of the product page and takes up a large portion of page space. Each Editorial cites the writer (in the above example, Forbes) and provides awarding titles and unique descriptions for five different products. 

What are the benefits of Amazon Editorial Recommendations?

Editorials have a variety of benefits with the most obvious being that they provide a recommendation from a credible source which increases product trust. Having additional page visibility is also a major benefit. According to Seller Rocket, an advanced PR firm assisting in product-to-publisher matching for editorial recommendations, the bulk of revenue generation that results from editorials comes from improvements in PPC efficiencies and SEO performance; both a result of the increased page visibility. 

Editorial Results: a 47% increase in sales with 40% attributed to organic and PPC channels.

Taken together, the end result of Editorials is improvement in previously implemented efforts and new revenue generation. 

Accessing Amazon Editorial Reviews

Amazon Editorials can be accessed in two ways: Organically or through Seller Rocket. Publisher members of the Amazon Affiliate Program are able to write on any product that they’d like; this allows some lucky products to be discovered for recommendations organically. It’s uncommon, however, for publishers to write on products that are requested by sellers through direct messaging. There are simply too many requests and it takes too long for publishers to trial each product to determine what they’ll write. This is where Seller Rocket comes in.

Seller Rocket is made up of eCommerce experts who were previously on the publisher side of Amazon’s affiliate program. The program’s inefficiencies led Seller Rocket’s founders to leave the publisher side and create Seller Rocket, a company that makes accessing editorials easy for sellers and makes the process more efficient for publishers. Sellers can now access editorials by first filling out this form and then having a discovery call with Seller Rocket to ensure the products meet publisher requirements. 

What are the requirements?

Not every product is eligible for recommendations. To keep recommendations reliable for customers, products must have good reviews, good ratings, and the seller must have inventory prepared to handle the increased conversion. The specific recommendations are listed below: 

  • 4+ rating with 100+ reviews
  • $30,000/month in sales
  • Within the top 100 of your product subcategory
  • Sufficient inventory
  • No relation to drugs, religion, or sex
  • No medical claims 

If products meet the requirements, Seller Rocket will send the ASINs to their 100+ publisher partners, and a recommendation will be live within 4-8 weeks. 

How to maximize results from Editorial Recommendations

Recommendation results see the greatest success when utilized with other services. For example, utilizing eCommerce Nurse’s DSP and PPC advertising services concurrently with the editorial will drive sales growth further than the Editorial would on its own. Services like DSP advertising drive external traffic to Amazon, which improves organic rank and in turn product visibility. Additionally, utilizing PPC ads alongside the Editorial has been proven to increase conversion rates, according to Seller Rocket’s data.

Additionally, sellers should also ensure their products and pages are fully optimized. This includes titles, bullets, descriptions, A+ Content, and Brand Registry features, such as a detailed Brand Store and Amazon Posts. If you need help getting to this point, contact eCommerce Nurse.

Continuing to search for growth opportunities

There are always opportunities for growth as a seller; it just takes finding them. Use your resources, pay attention to changing marketing trends, and diversify your efforts to find opportunities like Amazon Editorial Recommendations that can be implemented into your long-term marketing strategy. For more information on Editorial Recommendations, contact Seller Rocket.

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