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8 June, 2020
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Smart inventory management can be your key success on Amazon. We wanted to share some information on eComEngine's RestockPro. This software was built to help your business with hassle-free automation. Learn how RestockPro can assist you in better managing accurate forecasts, PO tracking, shipping logistics, storage fees, and more.

Why RestockPro?

More than half of all sales on Amazon now come from third-party sellers. According to Marketplace Pulse, 66% of the top 10,000 sellers use Amazon FBA. Fulfillment by Amazon ships billions of items worldwide every year. This program continues to grow because customers enjoy the SLA and benefits of Prime shipping, and sellers enjoy the idea of Amazon picking, shipping, and handling returns for their products.

On the seller side, one of the most common pitfalls of Amazon FBA are delays associated with logistics. Especially during peak periods, there can be a delay with inventory being logged into Amazon’s system. This can result in delayed customer orders that, in turn, can lower your rating. Even if that’s not the case, when the product sits on pallets waiting, it’s not out there making money for your business.

RestockPro can remedy this situation. RestockPro is a flexible, easy-to-use software tool powering over $1.8 billion in sales with decision support and automation functionality.

RestockPro by eComEngine platform page

What is RestockPro?

From eComEngine: “RestockPro is a tool that facilitates FBA inventory management from forecasting and reordering to stickering and shipment. Whether you ship to your warehouse, a prep center or direct to Amazon FBA, you can use RestockPro to determine what to restock and when, create purchase orders, manage shipments, print stickers and labels, and keep a close eye on your inventory at all stages.”

RestockPro is now available in the US, UK, and Canada. It was built especially for FBA sellers; the tool does not currently support merchant-fulfilled SKUs. RestockPro also helps track and manage FBA fee calculations. FBA storage fee data is automatically calculated. The program syncs Amazon data several times per day to include FBA fees, commissions, monthly storage fees and variable closing fees.

The main features of RestockPro:

  • Make informed and quick decisions with the Amazon Profit Calculator.
  • Manage suppliers, POs, and FBA shipments with the included FBA Manager.
  • Prep FBA shipments.
  • Create and build bundles and kits using accurate product data.

How much does RestockPro cost?

Within RestockPro, you can create purchase orders, print item labels (stickers), create your shipment to Amazon, create kits/bundles and gain valuable insights. The program gives you more end-to-end control than using Seller Central’s Restock tool.

There are many different plan levels to suit your individual business needs. The levels are based purely on the number of FBA orders per month.

RestockPro by eComEngine pricing page

What are businesses saying?

You can discover more about how businesses are using RestockPro on eComEngine’s blog. Many sellers appreciate the additional level of automation and up-to-date, data-based decision making that’s made easy. FBA seller, Chris said of the program:

“I've been using RestockPro for 2 years now for my business. This program is what I like to call "peace of mind," because it is the last thing I need to think about or double check to ensure it's working properly. It automates not only how many sales I'm making, but can estimate the average amount of sales, as well when I'm out of stock of items. From creating a PO, easy receiving and inventory management, all the way to creating and sending shipments to Amazon, this software does it all. Thank you always to the Restock team for being a useful resource to help me in my business venture, for many successful years to come for both you and me!"

For more information, visit eComEngine’s RestockPro page. Businesses can also take advantage of the free 21-day trial before committing to a package plan.

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Katy Luxem

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