eCommerce Nurse: The Superheroes Behind the Brand

21 August, 2023
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eCommerce Nurse, assemble!

Today at eCommerce Nurse, we’ve decided to step back from our all-encompassing brand-building missions (at least for the time it takes to read this blog) and reveal a little about what makes our team of Amazon marketing superheroes tick.

One of the core company values at eCommerce Nurse is dedicated to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Striking that delicate, harmonious equilibrium between our working and actual lives is tricky to master. We’re all fiercely dedicated to growing our client’s brands on the Amazon platform, but we’re also trying to enrich our personal lives by spending time with our families, mastering new hobbies, setting ourselves physical challenges and beyond.

If you want to know the team behind the job titles, prepare yourself for many more tenuous Marvel comparisons. Join me on an action-packed run-down of who’s who and what they do to let loose in our very own guardians of the Amazon galaxy.

Captain Marvel

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The captain of our ship, and our very own wonder woman, is the one and only Carina McLeod. As well as being the founder and CEO of eCommerce Nurse, the founder and CEO of Vendor Society, AND hosting her own podcast, Carina is equally as dedicated to her life outside of work – passionate about exercise, outdoor fitness and races, and spending time with her daughter. She’s incredibly humble about her impressive sporting activities, but believe me when I say Carina’s race competition photos would give Carol Danvers a moment's pause and regularly make me feel like the embodiment of a jacket potato.

Pepper Potts

Karen Blake keeps the eCommerce Nurse team shipshape and free from danger – our Human Resources Manager would give Pepper Potts a run for her money and keep Stark Industries on the straight and narrow! Other than being a brilliant recruiter (ahem) and enforcing all company policies and practises, in her spare time, Karen is all about the joys of life. Spending time out of the office, in the countryside walking and gossiping with her kids, socialising with friends, and most importantly, dancing in the kitchen!

Peggy Carter

eCommerce Nurse The Superheroes Behind the Brand Blog 3

Jumping back in time in the Marvel multiverse, next up is Sara Cooper, our very own Peggy Carter. Super efficient, like one of the most famous founding members of S.H.I.E.L.D. – our resident Business Support Manager is on top of everything financial, ensuring the i’s are dotted, t’s are crossed, and all the bookkeeping is impeccable. When Sara’s not protecting the company piggy bank, she loves spending time with her family, going on bike rides, and playing board games and card games.

Scarlet Witch

Yes, Wanda Maximoff can create entire worlds with the power of her mind, but can she craft a decorative garland from items found in her back garden?! Our brilliant Marketing Coordinator, Emily Kirkham, keeps the marketing team on track with her ridiculously impressive multi, multi, multi-tasking skills. If you can’t figure it out, chances are, Emily can.
Not only does she have fabulous hair reminiscent of one of the most powerful former Avengers, but she’s also an incredibly creative mum of two who, in her spare time, loves crafting with her kids.

Jane Foster

Like super scientist Jane Foster, our Catalogue Executive, Vanessa Hester, is super organised, with data-driven scientific attention to detail. When she’s not mastering the intricate complexities of navigating Amazon’s catalogue system, Vanessa likes to unwind by remaining disciplined. By focusing on achieving her daily work goals first, she can truly relax – meet friends for lunch, plan fun activities for her son, and even do some DIY or housework!

Black Widow

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Introducing our very own Natasha Romanoff, aka Dani Thompson! Like Natasha, our senior marketing manager is an expert in diplomatic negotiations (with both clients and interplanetary aliens) and an avid world traveller. In her spare time, she somehow manages to wakeboard, horse ride, paint watercolours, learn French and is about to start playing polo! When Dani isn’t putting us all to shame with her jealousy-inducing hobbies, she lets loose by exploring new countries and cultures with the family.

The Hulk

No, I’m not giant, green, and susceptible to fits of rage (although I am accident-prone and affectionately nicknamed ‘Lucy Smash’), but if you haven’t guessed yet, like Bruce Banner, I am a massive nerd, as evidenced by this blog. Storytelling has always been a pivotal part of my life, initially telling stories on screen and then producing narrative content. When I’m not crafting copy at eCommerce Nurse, I indulge in my love of cinema. When I’m not geeking out over Marvel Easter eggs and movie cross-overs, I’m happiest spending time with my family creating our own stories.

Get in Touch

If you’re desperate to know which of our team is Groot, or you simply want to know more about what we value as a company and why, get in touch. Our eCommerce Nurse specialist team is comprised of ex-Amazonians and Amazon experts – we’ve each got our own Amazon marketing superpower, and we’re happy to help.

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Lucy Miller

Lucy Miller

Lucy is a copywriter at eCommerce Nurse. Adept at crafting content for the Amazon ecosphere, when she’s not penning peppy puns, optimising content, or researching the latest SEO trends, she can be found hiking, watching movies or making them!

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