eCommerce Nurse is now offering social media support

22 June, 2020
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ecommerce nurse offering social media support

Social media is an important part of any brand’s marketing strategy, and can offer businesses access to potential customers who are already actively engaged and open to hearing about their products. 

Social media platforms are vast and varied, and offer users access to communities and sub-cultures. They connect those with the same passions or views. People are connecting virtually like never before: Developing friendships and relationships with individuals, influencers, and even brands!

eCommerce Nurse is now offering social media packages for new and existing clients. We can support and guide you on the opportunities, platforms, and how to create a strategy for your brand that appeals to your ideal customer. We can also help with your existing social media accounts, such as if you're struggling with engagement or reach. Please contact us for help to tailor and support your strategy.

What role can social media play in your business?

First, it is a fantastic brand awareness tool. By utilising your existing branding and identity, especially on visual platforms such as Instagram, you can increase exposure and brand recall, and add depth. Social media provides an opportunity to really humanise your brand: If you are the owner and have a story to tell, by putting yourself at the forefront you can enable your customers to really understand your mission, goals, and passion. This can prove useful on LinkedIn as it’s more of a corporate platform. Putting the face to the brand is great for stand-out presence. If you have a niche product, become a thought leader by inspiring users and provoking conversations — maybe within a dedicated Facebook group. Start with your ideal customer and consider the content they want to see. Ask them, engage them, and develop a deeper connection.

Connect with your customers

Once you have started building this relationship with users, social media provides a way to nurture and retain that bond by providing content that is relevant, pleasing and something they may consider sharing. At this point you are potentially turning customers into brand advocates, which is extremely powerful. They expect to see your content in their feeds, so this is where consistency is vital.

Engaged followers are then in a great position to become paying customers and loyalists. Social media can draw them into the purchase funnel; driving website traffic and generating leads. At this point you can introduce Paid Social which is effective at targeting users you know are warm to your offering and close to converting.

Using your social media presence and posts to direct traffic to your Amazon Brand Store or listings is a great way to increase conversion. Most customers in both the US and Europe have Amazon accounts, making it a convenient and trusted way to purchase items they might not otherwise. If you already have an Amazon Advertising strategy, and are running Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Products, for example, adding a social media component can really fill out your traffic strategy.

Likewise, social media can complement research that many online shoppers complete before actually making a purchase. When customers Google your brand or product, what will they find? If you have compelling and robust social media accounts, it can tell potential shoppers more about your brand, personality, and story, making them more likely to purchase from Amazon.

Strategy and consistency are vital

As much as social media is part of our everyday lives, when it comes to business it’s important to have a considered and strategic approach. We are offering clients the opportunity to engage at whatever level is most suitable to their business. If you’re new to social media or have just started out, we can review your accounts and suggest the best ways to reach your target audience. If you’re more established and need a fresh pair of eyes, we can enrich your content strategy. If you’re time-poor we can completely manage your social media for you. We’d love to find out how we can help! Please contact us at eCommerce Nurse for more information.

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Emma Smith

Emma Smith

Emma Smith is the founder of Los Social, a marketing and communications agency which helps brands create a meaningful connection with their ideal customers, through a killer content strategy. She has worked for some of the world’s biggest publishers, including Yahoo and AOL, and has 20 years' experience creating and devising social and digital content strategies for brands and advertisers.

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