How eCommerce Nurse and Skye High Media work together to offer the best experience for our clients

Last year, eCommerce Nurse announced our formal partnership with Skye High Media. Since then, we’ve worked together to help many clients achieve their best Amazon sales results ever. And that’s how we like it. The benefits of our teamwork are indispensable: We offer our clients a streamlined, integrated range of top-notch services from true specialist departments with deep working knowledge and expertise. As opposed to having a basic range of services from an agency who might only have surface-level knowledge of all the various pieces of the business.

Skye High Media founder Mark Pettit and eCommerce Nurse founder Carina McLeod in London, January 2020.


About our partnership

Though we formalized the Skye High Media-eCommerce Nurse partnership in 2019, we’ve really been working together for longer. eCommerce Nurse founder Carina McLeod and Skye High Media founder Mark Pettit met in 2017 and collaborated on a number of projects and accounts. As our business grew, our partnership became more refined. While both companies are led by and made up of ex-Amazonians, our current setup allows us both to operate on the tasks we are most specialist at, while delivering an integrated approach for all of our clients.

Mark Pettit presenting at the Amazon EU Vendor Strategy Day.

Skye High media is an ads specialist

Skye High Media offers management services across the Amazon Advertising portfolio, for both vendors and sellers. Their team is experienced in creating and implementing strategies across Sponsored Advertising, Amazon DSP, Fire TV and Video. The team at Skye High Media work alongside eCommerce Nurse and use advertising to drive towards the same business goals, using the latest data insights and techniques. Amazon Advertising is one of the most effective ways of  attracting, engaging, and encouraging customers to trial a brand. It also plays a crucial role in improving discoverability and organic sales. The Skye High Team’s expertise, work ethic, and thorough reporting are invaluable to our mutual clients. Advertising with intent is an important piece of becoming successful on Amazon. Mark and his team are great at creating a strategy that is in line with their clients’ business goals and budgets. For example, some brands might need to focus on customers further up the funnel for brand awareness purposes, which would require a different strategy to one where that brand is more well-known and established. This tailored approach is beneficial for both large businesses in the e-commerce space and also to start-ups who might be just entering Amazon. As Mark clearly puts it “Amazon Advertising allows brands to tap into one of the richest datasets available. Brands that are not using this within their strategy are missing an important piece of the puzzle.”

Carina McLeod presenting at the Amazon EU Vendor Strategy Day.

eCommerce Nurse is a sales and marketing specialist

The eCommerce Nurse side of our partnership handles account management and creates this overall strategy. eCommerce Nurse is uniquely positioned to handle everything else that Amazon sellers and vendors might need. We have a deep knowledge of what it takes to succeed on Amazon and an international scope. Our expertise lies in strategic consulting, strategy planning, reporting and data analysis, performance reviews and operations and inventory management, brand guidance, and marketing. We excel at devising the strategy and plan, maintaining your accounts in Seller Central and Vendor Central, and implementing marketing needs. This means we handle promotions, listing optimization, creative endeavors like brand stores and A+ Content, certified, native translators, and more. eCommerce Nurse handles both large and small clients across all product lines.

eCommerce Nurse and Skye High Media offer a full range of specialists to meet your needs and make your brand stand out. We like to offer something other agencies cannot, which is an approach that isn’t one-size-fits all and focuses on long-term success. Plus, we have the happy clients to prove it. If you’d like to know more about our approach and how we can support your business, simply contact us. 

Katy Luxem

Katy Luxem

Katy Luxem is a Salt Lake City-based writer and editor who specializes in online marketing. As a former Amazonian in both the U.S. and U.K. locales, she worked in marketing for several different teams and product lines. Prior to that, she worked at Microsoft and was a journalist. She now enjoys helping businesses succeed and grow with next-level content.

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