Wildlife World goes wild on Amazon

Case Study: Wildlife World

Client Brief

Wildlife World helps nature thrive in rural and city landscapes. Based in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, Wildlife World is a leading designer and manufacturer of wildlife-friendly products for gardens around the globe. Producing innovative and valuable nesting habitats and feeders for birds, mammals, amphibians, and insects, Wildlife World benefits wildlife all over the world. 

Wildlife World approached eCommerce Nurse initially for consulting support and have since upgraded to a retainer package. They wanted support for their US Vendor Central account. First and foremost, they needed a marketing overhaul and support crunching the numbers and navigating the Vendor Central landscape. eCommerce Nurse has a wealth of vendor-specific knowledge and stepped in with marketing plans and account assistance.

Platform: Vendor & Seller Central  |  Country: US and UK


0 %
Increase in Brand Store revenue

Over a five month period in 2021.

0 %
Order revenue increase

Months 1-3 vs
months 4-6 during their retainer. 

0 %
Year-on-year revenue increase

Q2 2020 vs 2021.

The Approach

eCommerce Nurse started by reviewing and familiarising ourselves with Wildlife World’s impressive product range of products, which include bird houses, bee barrels, wildlife drinkers, nesting pockets, and more.

“I love the products Wildlife World offers, plus, it’s great to be a part of their wonderful mission to help wildlife. It has been nice to see their conversion increase with our marketing support. I always enjoy learning about these items and building great content to elevate this innovative brand.” – Katy Luxem, Content Manager

We started with setting a marketing strategy for the year to build a solid base for this brand. Working on top sellers to create full and complete detail pages with great keyword density for SEO, infographics to assist customers, and solid A+ pages that addressed customers’ needs. This would ensure that any advertising spend on these ASINs was more likely to convert and thus laid a good framework for testing keywords alongside a top-notch Brand Store.

“Wildlife World are great fun to work with. They have a range of really solid products which are popular with customers on Amazon, but they needed help enhancing their detail pages and building other marketing initiatives around their pages. We worked closely with their designers to create super details pages starting with their top sellers. We are really excited for this brand come spring next year.” – Dani Thompson, Marketing Manager

eCommerce Nurse wants our clients to feel happy with their accounts and brand as our relationship grows and evolves. We stay on top of monitoring progress, success, and changes when it comes to client content. We are always updating, researching, and reacting to hard sales data to make product detail pages the best they can be.

An important part of our work for Wildlife World is ongoing monitoring of their account. Every day, their stock levels and forecasts are monitored, so we can plan ahead and be ready for any sales spikes. The global pandemic has seen unexpected growth and challenges in this, and many other, categories. With so many people spending more time at home and in their gardens, our team watched for any changes in sales trends and demand. We are always ready to react, whether they’re a global pandemic or a new product launch.

Throughout this project, Wildlife World had their own dedicated client manager who oversaw all the pieces we undertook for account management. We always tailor our approach to your company, resources, and goals. eCommerce Nurse uses a global team to constantly evolve and grow the Wildlife World brand on Amazon. We look forward to building on strong foundations with this client and discovering what’s next!

Words from the client

“We started working with eCommerce Nurse when we realised that success on Amazon takes a lot more than just offering a great product range at competitive prices! There’s a lot of complexity involved in running a profitable Amazon operation behind the scenes and the eCommerce Nurse team have been very effective at helping us navigate the vendor contract negotiations and hybrid vendor/seller strategy. Alongside strategic advice, they have been implementing practical changes like pricing, A+ Content and listings optimisation in the UK and also in the USA, where we have had many challenges to overcome to achieve sustainable growth during an unprecedented global situation. Underpinning this, we particularly valued the advice we received for ad-hoc situations when Amazon does strange things and replies to our support tickets with confusing boilerplate responses.”
Paul Sergeant
Digital Marketing Executive

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