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Case Study: Inala

Client Brief

Inala is an Australian company that sells weighted blankets on Amazon.com via Seller Central. Inala approached eCommerce Nurse for help improving their on-page conversion rates and driving additional traffic to their listings. They were also getting quite a few customer questions on their products, due to lack of information. They wanted more robust and informative pages.

Inala needed an agency that could turn around all their requests from start to finish in a timely manner. They wanted a full upgrade and product optimisation, including Amazon internal search optimisation and A+ Content creation. 

Platform: Seller Central  |  Country: US


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Client Satisfaction

One parent product and four child ASINs fully optimised for content and A+ pages. 

Customer Questions Asked

Since the A+ page launched, no additional customer questions have been asked. The information is all there!

The Approach

At eCommerce Nurse, when a client wants to launch products on Amazon, we like to start with optimising their basic content. Our in-house copywriting team optimised the title, feature bullets, description, and keywords for Inala. We made sure to have deep keyword coverage while keeping the copy readable and customer-friendly. With Inala crossing over into the health and well-being categories, we had to be careful to meet Amazon’s guidelines with regard to health claims while still conveying the product’s benefits. We worked with Inala to portray their brand the way they wanted, while still working in the Amazon framework. We also researched competitors to fill in gaps with search optimisation, hoping to better discover how customers find this product type. Our marketing department connected with the client’s team to make sure we developed on-brand image coverage. We had extra images created where needed. 

Inala had a very specific tone to their products, and a well-defined brand image we wanted to keep cohesive for Amazon. When writing for their weighted blankets, we relied on their Instagram and a lot of communication for their vision and ideas. The end result was a great product detail page that met Amazon’s standards and kept Inala’s distinct and interesting brand identity.” — Katy Luxem, Content Manager, eCommerce Nurse

An important part of our work for this project included A+ Content. This was crucial for this client, because their brand has a specific look and feel that needed preservation. Inala’s product had a lot of in-depth details we needed to convey in a way Amazon customers could understand. We also had to be careful not to make false claims, which also meant substantiating any claims made. 

“In this case, the client was based in Australia, so we tapped into our worldwide account team to deliver this project in line with the client’s expectations.” — Dani Thompson, Senior Client Manager, eCommerce Nurse

We assumed that consumers didn’t know anything about this type of product. Then made sure that the product detail and design were clearly visible on the page. We ensured any questions were pre-empted in the text and copy was fully optimised with relevant keywords. Since the launch of Inala’s weighted blanket A+ detail page, no new customer questions have been asked. This also helps reduce returns and customer complaints.

Each and every brand is unique, and we like to tell a brand’s story and illustrate a purpose for customers on Amazon. We made sure to include an introduction to the Inala brand. The look and feel of the A+ Content was very important to the client (as it should be), so we worked with our in-house designers to produce a chart and some banner images to really lift the page’s aesthetic and make it easy for a customer to navigate. We finished with other key actions from the eCommerce Nurse A+ optimisation playbook.

Throughout this project, the client had the same project manager who oversaw all of the individual pieces as they were orchestrated. They had access to our in-house project management software. eCommerce Nurse used our team of experts based across the globe to finish all projects quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction.

Words from the client

"The eCommerce Nurse team have been helping us with everything Amazon from PPC, consulting, listing optimisation and enhanced brand content. Every time we’ve needed them, they’ve delivered with great results and professionalism. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any Amazon seller looking for support in growing and managing their business."
Gonzalo Cardozo
Import Manager

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