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Case Study: Vivida Lifestyle

Client Brief

Vivida Lifestyle have been one of eCommerce Nurse’s longest standing clients. They sell lifestyle clothing to water-lovers and adventurers worldwide with a unique ethos about living your best, most-active life. Vivida Lifestyle is also refreshingly sustainable and truly progressive about our overall impact on our beautiful planet.

Vivida Lifestyle was originally selling directly to Amazon through Vendor Central, but they wanted eCommerce Nurse to project manage their transfer to Seller Central. When we met, Vivida Lifestyle was just coming out of a start-up stage and their owner, David, was very keen to learn about all things Amazon from a team who have been on the inside, so-to-speak. eCommerce Nurse were enthused to build and execute annual action plans for Vivida Lifestyle to grow their brand (and revenue) on Amazon as part of their retainer package. Vivida Lifestyle needed an agency to manage their Amazon accounts and fully support and take advantage of all the opportunities for them—from product listing optimisation to translations across EU platforms, advertising, and promotion.

Platform: Seller Central and Vendor Central | Country: UK, DE, FR, ES and IT


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Growth in Revenue

From July ’18 – July ’19 Across UK/FR/ES/IT/DE

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Increase in Unit/Session Conversion

April ’18 – Aug-’19 Across UK/FR/ES/IT/DE

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Increase in Average Spend

UK Sales
Nov ’18 – July ’19

The Approach

eCommerce Nurse started by reviewing and familiarising ourselves with Vivida Lifestyle’s impressive product range. We selected their poncho range as our initial focus, because it was a unique product with rich opportunity to perform well on Amazon Europe. Our in-house copywriting team fully optimised the titles, bullet features, descriptions, and keywords for all products in the range across all EU countries where Vivida Lifestyle could feasibly sell. We made sure that keyword coverage was complete and wide in scope while stile being readable and friendly to Amazon customers. We also made sure to pre-empt any customer questions, as apparel products demand a high attention to detail with colours, sizing and fit. 

“Our hands-on and comprehensive process with Vivida Lifestyle made me feel like I actually worked directly for David and his crew, and not for eCommerce Nurse. We were able to really capture the unique essence and feel of their story and innovative products. Their copy feels on-brand and pitch perfect, while still being highly marketable when it came to keywords and SEO. Thanks to our work, I’m now a Vivida Lifestyle customer myself, having proudly purchased their products for my family. It’s been great to see Vivida Lifestyle emerge with strong Amazon sales and a promising outlook for the future.”Katy Luxem, Content Manager, eCommerce Nurse

Our marketing department connected with the awesome design team at Vivida Lifestyle to develop product images and had some unique Amazon-focused images created. It’s important the pages we create for our clients are on-brand and look great before we introduce them to customers. These changes are a no mean feat across 5 countries and 2 platforms. We also have an in-house team of certified translators. As an extra challenge, Vendor Central has a history of being impossible to override with Seller Central content, so our changes and updates had to be done on both platforms. 

For this reason, we always advise that if you’re thinking of selling on Amazon that you take advantage of our free 30-minute consultation. This helps us make sure you get set up on the correct platform for your business. Launching on the wrong platform can impact your business and sales in the long term, and cause lots of headaches when you eventually transfer across. 

“With this client, we spent a lot of time looking at how customers shop their bestselling range of Vivida Lifestyle ponchos. As a result, we changed the way the sizes were conveyed to make it more uniform. We updated their prices to show a good, better, best approach across the range and removed the pricing difference between S/M and M/L size ponchos. We also split out the ponchos to have a page for each of the subcategory of ponchos. These changes have had a really impressive impact on revenue, conversion rates, and Buy Box-win percentages.”Dani Thompson, Senior Account Manager, eCommerce Nurse

eCommerce Nurse wants clients to feel happy with their content as our relationship grows and evolves. We stay on top of monitoring progress, success, and changes when it comes to our clients’ content. We are always updating, researching, and reacting to hard sales data to make content the best it can be. With Vivida Lifestyle, we agreed on a schedule for the entire calendar year. We then refresh pages on a rotational basis. You’ll notice in the examples below that the A+ Content and pages have evolved to include charts for cross-shopping, new lifestyle images, updated keywords, and so much more behind the scenes. 

Once the basics were in place, we moved onto Vivida Lifestyle’s A+ Content. We built pages for all of the Vivida Lifestyle ponchos and a couple of their other top-selling products, because they contained a lot of crucial design details and care instructions. We pre-empted any customer questions by investigating competitors and working with David to come up with FAQs. We then addressed these within the text of the copy in a digestible manner. With that in mind, we fully optimised the content with relevant keywords for search and browse. We also included an introduction to the Vivida Lifestyle story and the brand. We made sure to include all our key actions from the eCommerce Nurse A+ Content optimisation playbook.

“Vivida Lifestyle are a fun and passionate brand whose personality and story we’ve loved sharing in their Amazon content. They have an extensive range that’s always growing, with multiple colours, sizes, and product types. It’s been very rewarding to see customers discover the brand and to expand this success story across Europe.” — Georgina Saxby, Account Manager, eCommerce Nurse

An important part of our work for Vivida Lifestyle is managing in-stocks and raising their FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) orders. Every day, we look at stock levels and forecasts, and plan ahead to be ready for any sales spikes. Likewise, our team watches for any dips in sales so we can react with promotions, down to ASIN level. As a result, a small percentage of their line is now FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant), which ended up being better for both the client and customers, in this particular case.

Throughout our projects, Vivida Lifestyle has had their own dedicated client manager who oversaw all the pieces we undertook for account management. Vivida Lifestyle also had access to our in-house project management software. eCommerce Nurse uses our team based across the world to constantly evolve and grow their brand on Amazon. We look forward to learning more about the Vivida brand, and growing with them wherever they roam.

Words from the client

"I am very glad to have found eCommerce Nurse and to have trusted them in taking on the position of managing and growing our Amazon Seller Central account for Vivida Lifestyle. They take on board and acknowledge all points or worries you may have. They communicate in an efficient, clear, and thorough way. The team clearly has extensive knowledge of all things Amazon and e-commerce. I feel like my brand is in good hands. I am glad to have achieved our first milestone of reaching an Amazon break-even point, and am be excited to move on up from this point. Having already done so, I will continue to recommend the team and the company eCommerce Nurse to everybody."
David Harris-Burland
Founder & CEO Vivida Lifestyle

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