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Case Study: Somfy UK

Client Brief

Our client Somfy was already set up on Vendor Central and selling to Amazon directly. But Somfy wanted to improve the conversion rates on their detail pages. They had already created basic Amazon A+ pages, but were not happy with them and wanted help upgrading their content. Somfy products included many technical details and a lot of specifics they needed to highlight to help them stand out from the competition.

Somfy also wanted a “knock-it-out-of-the-park” new Amazon Brand Store for the brand Somfy UK. This project was a little unusual, as eCommerce Nurse also worked with their distributors to get the content for their A+ pages live.

Platform: Vendor Central | Country: UK


New A+ Content Templates

Set up across 5 key ASINs on Vendor Central.

New Brand Store

To optimise ad traffic and increase conversion.

The Approach

Our first priority when it comes to improving conversion rates on a detail page is optimising our client’s basic content. This means upgrading titles, bullet points, and product descriptions to meet Amazon guidelines and be perfectly tailored to the product. Somfy is a technical product that required lots of details. These had to be presented in a customer-friendly way, and tailored to Amazon.

After taking care of the basics, we move onto helping with A+ Content. Somfy had a wealth of information on their own website, so we were able to convert and optimise it for Amazon UK. We paid special attention to keywords to help SEO and also took a good deep dive into the brand’s competition. For Somfy, we suggested a refresh of their A+ Content followed by a new Brand Store build. 

The Amazon Brand Store would ensure branded Amazon Advertising campaigns could be directed to one comprehensive and detailed location. We assumed that consumers didn’t know anything about this market or product, and addressed the basics as well as the finer details. One clear selling point was the simple installation of home security cameras, sensors, and alarms, as well as a custom and expanded system with many interlinked components. We made sure that instructions for how easy their products were to use and set up were clearly visible on the page. 

“This was a unique project for eCommerce Nurse, as we had to provide flat files to the main distributor for them to fulfill the A+ Content setup on Vendor Central. Whilst this added time into the project the A+ pages were delivered with speed as we pooled our worldwide resources to optimise our time.” — Dani Thompson, Senior Client Manager

We pre-empted customer questions within the text of the copy and fully optimised our Somfy content with relevant keywords. Our in-house design team then helped put some customer-friendly diagrams together. 

Finally, we made sure the page flowed well and looked great for customers. For the Somfy Brand Store, our marketing team worked closely with the Somfy team in UK and Holland to split the products into consumer-friendly categories. We then built content to inform and educate the customer. Our ultimate goal is to build brand trust to convert customers from browsing to buying. We built the Amazon Brand Store to complement the client’s own website, so that consumers had a cohesive shopping experience within the brand.

Throughout this project, the clients had one project manager who oversaw all the work we undertook. Somfy also had access to our in-house project management software, enabling us to communicate effectively. At eCommerce Nurse, we used our global team members to complete this project as fast as possible. We look forward to seeing Somfy succeed on Amazon!

Words from the client

"With this Brand Store, we have the perfect tool to reach our customers and inform them about the unique features we offer. The expertise from eCommerce Nurse made this a fast and efficient project."
Remco Devilee
Somfy UK

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