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Case Study: Saxton Oaks

Client Brief

Saxton Oaks are on a mission to make traveling more chic with their range of accessories that aim to keep your suitcase organised. Saxton Oaks approached eCommerce Nurse because they wanted to elevate their content above their competitors. They had already done some basic content, but they need an agency to provide them with fresh A+ Content and an Amazon Brand Store, which could evolve with their brand. 

Platform: Vendor Central | Country: US


A+ Pages Built

A+ pages for both their inner bags and main travel bags.

Brand Store

A one-page store was all Saxton Oaks needed, at the moment. But a store that can evolve and grow with them.

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Happy Client

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The Approach

One of the areas eCommerce Nurse always looks at first when a client wants to optimise products on Amazon is making sure their basic content is in good condition. Saxton Oaks already had covered this basic step, so we were good to move on with enhanced information in the form of A+ Content. 

We wanted stellar A+ Content for Saxton Oaks. This was crucial for this client, because their brand has a specific look and feel. Saxton Oaks hadn’t yet identified a brand presence or direction so we tapped into their “designed in LA” angle and developed the concept around this. 

“This is a tough competitor market because there is a lot of travel and case products and not always a lot of differentiation. We wanted to make sure the Saxton Oaks difference, TSA-standards, and premium feel really stood out.” – Katy Luxem, Content Manager

We assumed that consumers didn’t know anything about this type of product. We made sure that the product detail and design were clearly visible on the page. We ensured any questions were pre-empted in the text and copy was fully optimised with relevant keywords. 

“Working with Saxton Oaks was really interesting as they’re such a new brand. The client gave us free rein to come up with a creative concept for their A+ pages. We dug into the brand’s roots and came up with a Californian summer application for their images. Whilst remaining luxury and attractive to their target market. I was blown away by the work our in-house designers did on this project.” – Dani Thompson, Senior Client Manager

Each and every brand is unique, and we like to tell a brand’s story and illustrate a purpose for customers on Amazon. We also included an introduction to the brand which helps set the field for future product launches. The look and feel of the A+ page was very important to the client (as it should be), so we worked with our in-house designers to produce a chart, banner images, and infographics to really lift the page’s aesthetic and make it easy for a customer to navigate. We finished with other key actions, such as fully optimising keywords against the competition.

We were then able to reuse some of the A+ Content to build the one-page Saxton Oaks Brand Store. This content then gave a great Amazon ad campaign drop off point with embedded video content. We then built content to inform and educate the customer. Our ultimate goal is to build brand trust to convert customers from browsing to buying.  

Throughout this project, the client had the same project manager who oversaw all of the individual pieces as we orchestrated and completed them. eCommerce Nurse used our team of experts based across the world to finish all projects quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction.

Words from the client

"Dani [Thompson] and the team have been fabulous to work with. They have helped set up our A+ content and storefront. They have been very attentive and responsive and the content they have produced is amazing. Whilst this is a new relationship, we have already asked them to take on a new project for us and are very confident that this will be a long lasting and profitable collaboration for our business. If you are looking for help with your Amazon account these are definitely the people to have in your corner!"
Lyn Navin
Director, Saxton Oaks

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