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Case Study: Nilfisk

Client Brief

Globally, Nilfisk is one of the leading pressure washer manufacturers. Selling floor-care equipment, vacuum cleaners, and high-pressure washers and accessories, Nilfisk ensures that their customers have clean spaces, inside and out. 

When we met, Nilfisk was only selling in four countries. They needed the support to expand into new marketplaces and were also very keen to learn about all things Amazon from a team who have been on the inside, so-to-speak. The team at eCommerce Nurse were enthused to build and execute annual action plans for Nilfisk to grow their brand (and revenue) on Amazon. Nilfisk signed with a retainer package so we could provide that ongoing support. Nilfisk needed an agency to manage their Amazon vendor accounts for all available locales and fully support and take advantage of all the opportunities for them—from product listing optimisation to translations across EU platforms, advertising, and promotions.

Platform: Vendor Central | Country: UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, SE, PL


Brand Stores

Managing marketing and brand stores across multiple locals and languages. 

0 %
Change in Conversion

From 1st to 2nd quarter of retainer work. 

Launched in 7 Countries

Managing accounts, sales and marketing across EU. 

The Approach

eCommerce Nurse started by reviewing and familiarising ourselves with Nilfisk’s impressive and expansive product range. We selected their CORE range as our initial focus, because it was a unique, new product with a rich opportunity to perform well on Amazon Europe. Our in-house copywriting team fully optimised the titles, bullet features, descriptions, and keywords for all products in the range across all EU countries where Nilfisk could feasibly sell this innovative range of pressure washers. We made sure that keyword coverage was complete and wide in scope while still being readable and friendly to Amazon customers. We also made sure to pre-empt any customer questions, as pressure washer products demand a high attention to detail with sizing, power, and how to operate effectively. 

Our marketing department connected with the internal design team at Nilfisk to develop A+ page image design and had some unique Amazon-focused images created. It’s important the pages we create for our clients are on-brand and look great before we introduce them to customers. These changes are a no mean feat across 5 countries and 5 languages. We also made use of our in-house team of certified, native translators to make sure all copy made sense for the local markets. 

“Our marketing work with Nilfisk has been crucial to customers understanding which unit best fits their needs, we’ve taken time to fully understand how best to match the products sold by Nilfisk to the customer’s needs.”Dani Thompson, Marketing Manager

eCommerce Nurse wants our clients to feel happy with their account as our relationship grows and evolves. We stay on top of monitoring progress, success, and changes when it comes to our clients’ content. We are always updating, researching, and reacting to hard sales data to make content the best it can be. We also like to implement new tools, programs, and testing. With Nilfisk, we agreed on a schedule for the entire calendar year. We then refresh pages on a rotational basis, focusing on the top sellers. 

Once the basics were in place, we moved onto prioritising Nilfisk’s A+ Content. We built pages for all of the CORE range and a few other top-selling products. This was key because they contained a lot of crucial design details and info about functionality. We preempted any customer questions by investigating competitors and working with Nilfisk to come up with FAQs. We then addressed these within the text of the copy in a digestible manner. With that in mind, we fully optimised the content with relevant keywords for search and browse. We also included an introduction to the Nilfisk origin story and the brand. We made sure to include all our key actions from the eCommerce Nurse A+ Content optimisation playbook to ensure our work would feature on relevant pages and contained SEO data to help it succeed on Amazon.

”We started working with Nilfisk in 2020 across four marketplaces. Gradually we expanded our work to seven marketplaces in 2021, helping Nilfisk launch in Poland, Sweden, and the Netherlands. It has been so exciting to see the brand grow and launch across Europe. On Amazon, it can be hard to manage a large catalogue and provide a consistent brand presence. Our work focuses on content, growth, and marketing. I cannot wait to see the new products launch across Europe in 2022!” Melis Kip, Client Manager

Once all of the components for success were in place, we addressed Nilfisk’s advertising strategy to ensure the CORE range was promoted to its full potential across all relevant marketplaces. Our main focus was to ensure both for organic and paid ad sales, the non-branded and branded keyword strategies were aligned to enable maximum conversion rates.

Throughout our projects, Nilfisk has had their own dedicated client manager who oversaw all the pieces we undertook for account management. Nilfisk also had access to our in-house project management software. eCommerce Nurse uses our team based across the world to constantly evolve and grow Nilfisk on Amazon across the globe. We look forward to learning more about the Nilfisk brand, and growing with their business.

Words from the client

''eCommerce Nurse has helped us improve content on several of our product pages on Amazon, meaning that our brand is presented in a way that we feel matches the brand perception we would like to convey. Given the vast audience on Amazon, this has been a pivotal task for us across our European markets. Further, it has been great to be able to consult with the Amazon experts at eCommerce Nurse on various topics...expertise that has most likely helped us to avoid mistakes we otherwise would have made.''
Emil Bernt
Global Ecommerce Manager, Consumer

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