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Case Study: ISLE Surf & SUP

Client Brief

Isle Surf & SUP first approached eCommerce Nurse years ago when they needed a boost in their sales revenue. They had in-house resources but needed the expertise to improve their sales specifically on Amazon. They were looking for guidance and an expert eye to point out and coach on opportunities and wins in the unique market of selling stand-up paddle boards, surf gear, and equipment.

Most recently, they needed help with their optimizations and A+ building to increase conversion rates on their detail pages. 

Platform: Seller Central  |  Country: US


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Clearance of Overstocks

eCommerce Nurse optimized listings,  suggested promotions, and added A+ content. 

A+ Pages

Worked directly with the client to roll out content once a template was built. 

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Through conference calls and regular coaching.

The Approach

eCommerce Nurse started by reviewing and familiarizing ourselves with ISLE Surf & SUP’s impressive product range. We selected their inflatable paddle board range as our initial focus, because it was a unique product with rich opportunity to perform well on Amazon. 

“Answering customer questions was a big part of our plan. Customers really count on these pages to learn the specifics and differences of each product, such as  lengths, weight limits, whether their dog can ride along, etc. I’m glad we were able to create pages that showcased Isle Surf & SUP’s beautiful products.” -Katy Luxem, Content Manager, eCommerce Nurse

eCommerce Nurse wants our clients to feel happy with their content as our relationship grows and evolves. We stay on top of monitoring progress, success, and changes when it comes to content. We are always updating, researching, and reacting to hard sales data to make clients’ content the best it can be. 

Once the basics were in place, we moved onto ISLE Surf & SUP’s A+ content. Our team collaborated to build A+ content for all of the ISLE Surf & SUP’s stand up paddle boards. These products contained a lot of crucial design details and specific care instructions. We pre-empted any customer questions by investigating competitors and working with the team at ISLE Surf & SUP to come up with FAQs within the text of the copy. 

With that in mind, we fully optimized the content with relevant keywords for search and browse. We also included an introduction to the ISLE Surf & SUP story and the brand. We made sure to include all our key actions from the eCommerce Nurse optimization playbook.

“SUP boards are a big investment for a customer so it was important to share not only the features but also the different types of SUP boards and really educate before purchase. The ISLE Surf & SUP A+ pages are full of relevant content that answer any question the customer could have and it’s also great fodder for search engines.” -Dani Thompson, Senior Account Manager, eCommerce Nurse

The eCommerce Nurse marketing department connected with the awesome design team at ISLE Surf & SUP to develop product images. We had some unique Amazon-focused images created for the A+ pages. It’s important the pages we create for our clients are on-brand and look great before we introduce them to customers. 

We worked directly with and taught the design team at ISLE Surf & SUP how to build A+ pages and they took our advice and rolled the A+ content across their whole range. 

“With a seasonal brand like ISLE Surf & SUP, they have a certain window in the year when they generate a large proportion of their annual sales. It’s important prior to this season that they were set up for maximum success with optimized product listings to boost search traffic and improve conversion rates on the detail pages. In addition we have bi-weekly calls, in the diary, to review the account covering areas like sales, inventory, operations, marketing initiatives and advertising. A fortnightly deep dive into the account enables us to ensure sales are tracking against forecast (and beyond) and that any issues or missed opportunities are addressed immediately to maximize the sales opportunity.” Carina McLeod, Amazon Consultant eCommerce Nurse

Throughout this project, ISLE Surf & SUP had their own dedicated client manager who oversaw all the pieces we undertook for account management. On this occasion, we used the ISLE Surf & SUP project management software rather than our own platform. eCommerce Nurse uses our team based across the world to constantly evolve and grow their brand on Amazon. We look forward to riding the waves with this client and discovering what’s next!

Words from the client

eCommerce Nurse has been a lifesaver by helping us analyze our data to predict changes in our industry and forecast sales for the next season. In addition, the team has helped us build and implement A+ Pages for our listings, as well as optimize our product titles, bullet points, and search terms. We continue to use eCommerce Nurse to audit our advertising campaigns and discuss new strategies by having bi-weekly reporting and meetings to review trends and find ways to increase efficiency and maximize our PPC efforts. Carina and her team at eCommerce Nurse are an asset to any company that is looking to improve their brands presence on Amazon. I highly recommend them in regards to their expertise and dedication to helping us grow on Amazon.
Robbie Shawn
Channel Manger, ISLE Surf & SUP

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