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Case Study: Intrepid Spirits

Client Brief

Intrepid Spirits manages the brand Cocalero, an artisan liqueur inspired by South American botanicals. This spirit is already hugely popular in Japan and Asia, and is exported to more than 30 countries worldwide. Their Cocalero de Altura variety is distilled in the highest distillery in the world in La Paz, Bolivia.

Intrepid Spirits approached eCommerce Nurse when they wanted to take hold of how their brand was being portrayed on Amazon. They needed an agency who could guide them through setup on Seller Central, Amazon Brand Registry applications, and getting great content. This meant A+ Content and a Brand Store live on site.

Platform: Seller Central | Country: UK


A+ Pages

Pages to bring the brand to life and explain the culture behind Cocalero.

Brand Store

Working directly with Intrepid’s designers to launch a knock-out Brand Store.

Product Launches

From basic content and product set up, to category approval, and more.

The Approach

eCommerce Nurse started by reviewing and familiarising ourselves with Intrepid’s stellar product range. Our in-house copywriting team fully optimised the titles, features, descriptions, and keywords for all of the Cocalero spirits products in the range. It was important that we executed this work while creating a premium, on-brand vibe . We made sure that keyword coverage was complete and wide in scope, while still being accessible for the Amazon customer. We also made sure to pre-empt any customer questions, as drinks and alcoholic items demand a high attention to detail with taste and product information.

Our marketing department connected with the awesome marketing team at Intrepid Spirits to develop product images. We had some unique images created especially for their Amazon pages. It’s important the Amazon work we create for our clients is on-brand and looks great before we introduce it to customers.

We always strive to represent a brand’s unique and distinguishing features when creating content. Every client is different, but Cocalero’s products certainly demanded authenticity, accuracy, and a polished touch that conveyed the brand’s heritage. It’s not every day that customers see such a unique item, and we want to be sure it looked the best it possibly could. – Katy Luxem, Content Manager

We built A+ Content for all of the Cocalero products because they contained unique flavors and details that were important for customers to know. We pre-empted any customer questions by investigating competitors and working with Intrepid to add personality and fun within the text of the copy. With that in mind, we fully optimised the content with relevant keywords for both search and browse. We also included an introduction to the Cocalero story and the brand, since they are unique and have an interesting story to tell. We made sure to include all our key actions from the eCommerce Nurse A+ Content optimisation playbook.

“I really enjoyed working with the Intrepid team, their designers were incredible and really helped to bring the A+ pages and Brand Store to life. It makes all the difference when working with strong designers who know the brand inside out.” – Dani Thompson, Senior Client Manager

With the Amazon Brand Store, our marketing team worked closely with the Intrepid team and their in-house design team to build content to inform the customer. We educated the customer on the brand to strengthen trust and encourage increased conversion when a customer lands on the page. We built the store to complement the client’s own website, so that consumers had a cohesive shopping experience with the brand.

Throughout this project, Intrepid had their own dedicated client manager who oversaw all the pieces we undertook for this project. eCommerce Nurse used our team who are based across the world to deliver an efficient and well-executed project. A toast to what’s next!

Words from the client

"We have been thrilled with the service we have received from eCommerce Nurse in establishing our products and Brand Store on Amazon. Before beginning work they took the time to understand our objectives before presenting a detailed plan, which they have delivered on. Working with Carina and the team has been a pleasure and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking to expand their online business."
Colin Staunton
Marketing Director, Intrepid Spirits

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