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Case Study: Eastpoint Global

Client Brief

Eastpoint Global brings a fresh approach to learning aids, office needs, stationery, and school supplies. This British company’s sole focus is on the education market, with a drive to understand the wants and needs of teachers and students at all levels. With many leading brands under their scope, Eastpoint Global is a global leader in educational products for children and adults. 

“We love to save teachers time and help raise attainment. We believe learning should be engaging and teaching should be enjoyable.”

Eastpoint Global sells on Amazon as a UK vendor. eCommerce Nurse manages their account as retainer clients via Vendor Central. Eastpoint Global needed an agency to help manage their vendor account, and work on the basics. This included fully optimising all of their listings, and helping them navigate and take advantage of all available marketing opportunities on Amazon.co,uk.

Platform: Vendor Central | Country: UK


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A+ Detail Pages

Eastpoint Global added an A+ page package to their retainer. We complete a new page each month for their brands.

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Products Optimised

This includes a full update to titles, features, descriptions, and back-end keywords for SEO at the parent ASIN level. 

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Increase in COGs

From month one to month six of working with eCommerce Nurse.

The Approach

eCommerce Nurse started by reviewing Eastpoint Global’s impressive brands with a wide product range encompassing hundreds of SKUs. This included Show-me white boards, drywipe pens, erasers, learning aids, and accessories, Another large brand of Eastpoint Global is Classmaster, which included paper cutters, pencil sharpeners, and other supplies in kits and various pack. Our in-house copywriting team went to work fully optimising the titles, bullet features, descriptions, and keywords for all of Eastpoint Global‘s products. We made sure that keyword coverage was complete and wide in scope for SEO, while still being readable and approachable to Amazon customers. We also made sure to pre-empt any customer questions. Lastly, we kept consistency across lines and did some house-keeping to make sure products were properly categorised and searchable.

Eastpoint Global’s fantastic products really took off during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, it was important they had proper content to really inform customers and compete with other brands selling on Amazon. It has been great to work with such a wide range of quality items and to make these products shine with new titles, descriptions, keywords and A+ Content..” –Katy Luxem, Content Manager


Our marketing department was excited to connect with the awesome design team at Eastpoint Global. It’s important the pages we create for our clients are on-brand and look great before we share them with Amazon customers. As Eastpoint Global has several key brands in the UK market, we wanted each to be distinct and in harmony with their brand guidelines.

“It’s great to work with a brand who have strong brand guidelines in place alongside a clear direction and personality for each of their brands. We’ve really enjoyed working with the designers over at Eastpoint Global to bring our visions for their A+ detail pages to life on Amazon.” –Dani Thompson, Senior Client Manager

At eCommerce Nurse, we pride ourselves on ensuring clients are satisfied with their content as our relationship continues to grow and evolve. We stay on top of monitoring progress, success, and changes when it comes to our clients’ scope of content. We are always updating, researching, and reacting to hard sales data and metrics to make content the best it can be. With Eastpoint Global, we agreed on a schedule for the entire calendar year. We then refresh pages on a rotational basis. The A+ Content and pages continue to evolve to include charts for cross-shopping, up-selling, adding new lifestyle images, updated keywords, and much more behind the scenes. As Eastpoint Global has a large catalogue, we also continue to finish new content and refreshes for each item on schedule.

Once the content foundations were in place, our focus moved onto Eastpoint Global’s A+ Content. Starting with top-selling lines, we researched the products and market so we could preempt any customer questions. Our team investigates competitors, existing content, keywords, and customer feedback, as well as working with clients to come up with FAQs and essential content. Eastpoint Global‘s range features a lot of SKUs and a lot of variation in pack sizes, including kits for full schools, classrooms, and other learning packs. These required a high attention to detail. We built A+ Content pages to address specifics within the text of the copy in a digestible manner that informed the customer. With that mission in mind, we fully optimise content with relevant keywords for search and browse. We make sure to include all our key actions from the eCommerce Nurse A+ Content optimisation playbook.

An important part of our work for Eastpoint Global is ongoing monitoring of their account. Every day, we look at stock levels and forecasts, and plan ahead to be ready for any sales spikes. With this company focusing on supplies and tools for schooling, we knew to address seasonality for autumn and the back-to-school period. However, the global pandemic has seen unexpected growth and challenges surrounding this. With so many kids swapping to at-home learning, Eastpoint Global presented a particular change and challenge. Our team watches for any changes in sales trends and demand. We are always ready to react. 

“Our main focus for this client has been improving their product content across all 9 brands… A+ pages and listing optimisations. Their brands are well established in the market and our strategy is focused on improving their Amazon market share. It has been exciting to see their glance views and conversion rates improve month-on-month. I’m looking forward to executing the strategy plans we have in place for the year ahead and growing their Amazon business even further.” Melis Kip, Client Manager

Throughout our projects, Eastpoint Global has had their own dedicated client manager who oversaw all the pieces we undertook for the management of their account. Eastpoint Global also had access to our in-house project management software. eCommerce Nurse uses our team based across the world to constantly evolve and accelerate their brands on Amazon. We look forward continuing our relationship with Eastpoint Global and their unique brands. We are excited to grow with them as they supply classrooms around the world.

Words from the client

We first learned of eCommerce Nurse at Amafest 2019. When we heard a bit more about how they work, it seemed like a no-brainer. Their knowledge of Amazon is invaluable. Being ex-Amazonians, they know how to sort challenges, which we really struggled with before. It really saves a lot of heavy lifting with regards to product compliance, chargebacks, and other issues. Plus, they optimise a certain number of pages each month, which we just couldn’t get round to before, and supply us a nice comprehensive report each month with the results.
Alfie Temple
Key Account Development, Eastpoint Global

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