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Case Study: Centurion Club Nutrition

Client Brief

The formidable Cindy Landolt heads Centurion Club Nutrition from Switzerland. Cindy is known for her bodybuilding expertise as a trainer, coach, and nutrition expert. Her deep knowledge of her products and goals was helpful when she approached eCommerce Nurse to help her launch a new line of muscle-building whey protein and recovery products onto the Amazon EU and Amazon UK platforms. Centurion Club Nutrition wanted the comfort of working with Amazon experts who are skilled in launching new brands onto Amazon.

At eCommerce Nurse, we put together a launch plan to set them up correctly from the start, enabling them to perform strongly from day one. To have a successful launch, we wanted to include Amazon Advertising, content optimisation, A+ Content help, and a Brand Store.

Platform: Seller Central | Country: UK, DE, FR, ES and IT


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The Approach

We love working with great brands and helping them launch successfully on Amazon. Getting involved early in a brand’s journey on Amazon allows us to set up the account correctly and make sure it’s fully optimised from the beginning. We also make sure they launch on the correct Amazon platform. Many brands wonder, “Should I be an Amazon vendor or seller?” eCommerce Nurse takes a personalized approach to determine whether Vendor Central or Seller Central is the best choice for your business.

eCommerce Nurse started by reviewing and familiarising ourselves with Centurion Club Nutrition’s impressive product range. Our in-house copywriting team fully optimised the titles, bullet features, descriptions, and keywords for all products in the range. We made sure that keyword coverage for SEO was complete and wide in scope, while still being readable to Amazon customers. Our marketing department connected with the awesome design team at Centurion Club Nutrition to develop and place images and had extra images created. It’s important the pages we create are on-brand and look great before we introduce them to customers. 

“Clients might not realise how many rules and standards Amazon has when it comes to content. It’s really beneficial to seek professional help, so you don’t waste time and money with constant edits, and so you can overcome any issues quickly.  One thing I love to do, is make sure copy is on-brand and unique in tone for the target markets and products, all while tailoring it to Amazon’s specifications. Centurion Club Nutrition was great to work with because they were understanding, responsive, and eager to achieve their goals.” — Katy Luxem, Content Manager, eCommerce Nurse

eCommerce Nurse wants clients to feel happy with their content as our relationship grows. We also stay on top of monitoring progress, success, and changes when it comes to their content. We are always updating, researching, and reacting to sales data to make content the best it can be.

Once the basics were in place, we moved onto A+ Content. We built pages for all of the Centurion Club Nutrition products because they contained a lot of crucial nutrition details and formulas that are important for athletes and bodybuilders. We pre-empted any customer questions by investigating competitors and working with Cindy to come up with FAQs within the text of the copy. We fully optimised the content with relevant keywords woven into the text. We also included an introduction to the Centurion Club Nutrition story, their leader Cindy Landolt, and the brand. We made sure to include all our key actions from the eCommerce Nurse A+ Content playbook.

For the Amazon Brand Store, our marketing team worked closely with the Centurion Club Nutrition design team to build content. Again, it was important to inform the customer and educate them on the brand to strengthen trust and increase conversion. We also built the store to complement the client’s own website and products. This ensures consumers have a cohesive shopping experience with the brand. We continue to evolve the Brand Store and work closely with their social media team.

Centurion Club Nutrition have been so impressed with the work from eCommerce Nurse they have remained as a monthly retainer client and continue to get our day-to-day support with their account. 

Throughout this project, the client had their own dedicated client manager who oversaw all the pieces we undertook for them. Centurion had access to our in-house project management software for efficient and easy communication. eCommerce Nurse uses a global team to constantly evolve and grow the Centurion Club Nutrition brand on Amazon.

“The Centurion Club Nutrition team are a dream to work with. They ask intelligent questions along the way and I love educating them on all things Amazon. They’re quick to respond and always support us when we introduce new ways to optimise their account.” —Dani Thompson, Senior Account Manager, eCommerce Nurse

Words from the client

"The whole eCommerce Nurse team have been amazing to work with. Great communication, top services, no time wasted, and absolutely professional and supportive at any time. I look forward to long-lasting cooperation and couldn't have found anyone better to support me in this. I highly value their experience and expertise. I recommend their service to anyone who is looking for great value and support."
Cindy Landolt
Centurion Club Nutrition

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