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Case Study: Antica Farmacista

Client Brief

Based in Seattle, Antica Farmacista was born out of two friends’ shared vision to inspire newfound delight in familiar spaces with luxury fragrances. Founded in 2003, Antica Farmacista was the first brand to introduce the diffuser to the US home market. Their collections are used in some of the top luxury hotels in the world, including the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Four Seasons, and Hotel Bel-Air. The brand gradually expanded to include bath, body, and personal fragrance lines. 

Antica Farmacista reached out to eCommerce Nurse in 2020 for Amazon Advertising support for their listings in the premium beauty space as an existing vendor on They needed an agency that could not only create and manage their ads account, but develop their presence and take advantage of marketing levers for their beautiful, aspirational brand. 

eCommerce Nurse fit perfectly, able to provide an integrated approach. Not only able to deliver on ads campaign management and execution, but we were also ready to utilise our expert team (and category-level insights) to support their overall ads strategy. Capitalising on our deep understanding of the Amazon Brand Registry and merchandising, we created an elegant Brand Store with innovative “Shop by Scent” pages, A+ Content, and Sponsored Brand videos to take their ads from basic to extraordinary.

Platform: Vendor Central  |  Country: US


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The Approach

The eCommerce Nurse team started by taking a strategic look at the Antica Farmacista account, its assets, unique branding, and the current issues. The ultimate goal was to not only improve their ads, but provide an approach driven by a comprehensive marketing plan specific to the premium beauty category on Amazon. eCommerce Nurse offers an advantage over an Amazon Ads-only agency by offering access to in-house marketing, content, and design teams. By connecting Antica Farmacista with their customers in a targeted, holistic manner, we knew we could maximise the budget and the impact of the Amazon PPC campaigns, thus lowering their ACoS and increasing the return on their investment.

The eCommerce Nurse team has a deep knowledge of Amazon and a breadth of experience with Vendor Central and Seller Central that encompasses far more than the advertising platform. After being assigned a dedicated account manager and being linked up with our internal project management software, our marketing manager, copywriter, and designer stepped in to create an on-brand customer experience Antica Farmacista could be proud of. 

We started with a refresh of the Brand Store to communicate a cohesive look and feel, specifically designed for Amazon, but with the vibe of Antica Farmacista’s own website and ethos. Creating a special section to “Shop by Fragrance,” allowing Antica Farmacista to cross-sell to customers already engaged with their brand’s unique offerings. The Brand Store updates allowed the ads manager to create innovative Sponsored Brands campaigns in time for Q4, including campaigns with custom images and campaigns advertising groups of products together. This conveyed an upscale experience deserving of the premium beauty category where this brand sits on Amazon. It also allowed Antica Farmacista to showcase their full range, such as personal fragrance, candles, and room diffusers all in one PPC campaign.

In 2021, Antica Farmacista launched their first personal perfume collection, Antica Facets. A decade in the making, this new launch needed an A+ detail page to unveil the range, showcasing the new products and telling each fragrance’s unique story — from sparkling floral to earthy and woody. The team developed a template using all of the latest enhanced brand content modules, SEO-based and keyword-rich copy, and stunning graphic design to convey the premium look and feel.

“It’s been a pleasure to work on a brand that gave us free rein on design. I was really excited to get stuck into this project, as I had a million ideas! I was inspired by the product, plus Antica Farmacista had some great assets for us to work with! The brand exudes classic elegance, so we enhanced this by mirroring elements of the packaging, with coarse paper background textures and gold foil frames, opting for an editorial feel to the layout to keep the design fresh and modern.” – Anna-Marie Hughes, Designer

With the basics finished and set live on Amazon, we boosted Antica Farmacista brand assets with custom Sponsored Brands advertising videos. With compelling, auto-play content, these videos showcased the Antica Farmacista products and added more dimension to their ads and detail pages, setting them apart from competitors during a peak selling period for this product type.

Once all of the components for success were in place, we addressed Antica Farmacista’s advertising strategy to ensure the newly launched products and complete range were promoted to full potential effectively during Q4 2021. The main focus was to ensure that both for organic and paid ad sales, the non-branded and branded keyword strategies were aligned to enable maximum conversion rates. The ongoing strategy cleverly uses AI software to ensure bids are always on and maximised for the best ROaS.

“Antica Farmacista has been great to work with as they have always been open to new ideas and ways of working on Amazon. Since working with them, we have launched Sponsored Brand videos, made improvements to the Brand Store to launch new Sponsored Brand ad campaigns, launched with DSP through our advertising AI software, and continued to grow sales by refining Sponsored Product ads. With continuous, daily monitoring and optimisation of all these ad campaigns, we have seen great success in all aspects of their advertising on Amazon. This has led to ad sales growing each month.” – Nathan Gault, PPC Executive

Throughout this project, the client had their own dedicated account manager who coordinated our expert team and worked efficiently to manage multiple projects with tight timelines and high stakes. We are thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to promote Antica Farmacista as a luxury brand, and support them as an extension of their own team. We are always looking for ways to grow their innovative business using our expansive knowledge of Amazon’s ever-dynamic platform. We are excited to continue bringing Antica Farmacista to the forefront of what’s possible with our creative and technical know-how.

Words from the Client

"When we originally started working with eCommerce Nurse, we thought we would simply use them to continue managing our basic Amazon ad campaign, but Carina and the whole team enhanced our platform dramatically. We are part of Amazon Luxury Beauty Vendor Central and their design team helped us develop scent pages, A+ Content, a new Brand Store, and videos. It was important for us to present Antica Farmacista as a high-end, luxury brand and eCommerce Nurse had creative and unique ideas for how to properly convey our products. We have seen huge increases in our traffic and conversions as a result of all these enhancements. We are thrilled with their work!"
Susanne Pruitt
Susanne Pruitt
Co-Founder & CFO

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