Case Study

Smith & Sinclair

The brief

Smith & Sinclair are on a mission to “Make Adult More Fun.” and are the first confectionaries to produce alcoholic gummies. Their range includes their patent-pending Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies, Alcoholic Dippers, Cocktail F.I.Z.Z. and Edible Fragrances. They’re a self-confessed “Willy Wonka for adults,” offering customers new ways to consume and create their favorite tipple.

Smith & Sinclair approached eCommerce Nurse after POs didn’t take off like they had hoped after their initial setup on Vendor Central. They also wanted to have a back-up plan created on Seller Central. They needed one agency who could manage both platforms and also support them on ad work on an ongoing retainer basis. We stepped in as an agency to manage their Amazon accounts, and to fully support and take advantage of all the opportunities for them – from product listing optimisation to translations, advertising, and promotion.
Seller Central and Vendor Central | UK, DE, FR, ES and IT
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The approach

eCommerce Nurse started by reviewing and familiarising ourselves with Smith & Sinclair’s fun product range. We selected their alcoholic gummies as our initial focus, because it was a unique product with rich opportunity to perform well on Amazon Europe. Our in-house copywriting team fully optimised the titles, features, descriptions, and keywords for all products in the range across all EU countries where Smith & Sinclair could sell.

Our marketing department connected with the awesome marketing team at Smith & Sinclair to develop product images and had some unique Amazon-focused images created. We wanted these pages to be exceptional and on-brand; as unique as our clients themselves. These changes are a no means feat across 5 countries and 2 platforms (both the seller and vendor side). Luckily, we are prepared and have our own team of in-house translators!
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With Smith & Sinclair, we agreed on a schedule for the entire calendar year, with us refreshing content and pages on a rotational basis. The A+ Content has evolved behind the scenes to include charts for cross-shopping, new lifestyle images, updated keywords, and much more. We also handle new product launches and bundling, such as when Smith & Sinclair rolled out Christmas and holiday gift sets.
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Once the basics were in place, we moved onto Smith & Sinclair’s A+ Content. We built A+ Content for all of the Smith & Sinclair products, because they contained a lot of unique and detailed concepts. We also included an introduction to the Smith & Sinclair story and the brand, since they are unique and have an interesting story to tell.
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An important part of our work for this client is managing in-stocks and raising their FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) orders. Every day, we look at stock levels and forecasts, and plan ahead to be ready for any sales spikes. Likewise, our team watches for any dips in sales so we can react with promotions, down to the ASIN level.


Seller & Vendor Account Management
Listing Optimisation / Product Acceleration
Brand Store Management


Brand Store
A+ Page Content
Main Image Infographics
Brand Story


A+, Main Images & Brand Store
Animation & Film


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“eCommerce Nurse have been integral in the growth of our Amazon account. From thorough content creation to the management of our AMS account – eCommerce Nurse have completely changed the way Amazon worked for us with an impressive YoY growth.”
Diogo Pestana | Jr. Brand Manager
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“Smith & Sinclair were a fun brand to work with. They have a loud personality and we wanted to inject the fun of their brand into their detail pages, so the customer could really get a feel for what they were buying into. We worked with their designers to add bold, bright images into their A+ pages and wrote them with a cheeky tone of voice.”
Dani Thompson | Senior Marketing Manager
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“Working with Smith & Sinclair has been a challenging and exciting journey for everyone! As a new and unique brand, we had to work on a slightly different strategy, focusing heavily on keywords, advertising and brand awareness. Due to the product’s nature, we had to build quality content that was very descriptive, as well as cater to an events based and gifting customer who would be less likely to leave a review. It’s been really amazing to see this brand come to life over the past year and watch customers discover and love their incredibly unique products. I look forward to playing a part in this brand reaching its full potential in the coming years.”
Georgina Saxby | Senior Client Success Manager
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The results



Increase in revenue on Seller Central. Monthly sales over a 9 month period in 2019


Increase in detail page sessions from April ’19 to Oct ’19

Average Revenue

Increase in Average Revenue per Basket from March ’19 to Sept ’19
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