Case Study

Perspi Guard

The brief

Avanor needed support with their two brands Perspi-Guard and Perspi-Rock, and with a brand they manage on Amazon in the UK, Neat 3B. They required an agency that could manage their ads strategy and drive traffic and awareness to their listings. But they also wanted to work with an agency who had a strong marketing team and could build and improve their marketing with A+ pages, listing optimisation, brand store building, infographics and marketing videos.

Avanor Healthcare Ltd is a UK-based family-run business that has been manufacturing and distributing a range of unique products specifically designed to prevent excessive sweating and other common and distressing skin conditions for over ten years. Perpsi-Guard and Neat3B lead the category with innovative products on Amazon UK.
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The approach

eCommerce Nurse started by reviewing and familiarising ourselves with Avanor’s stand-out product range. We selected their core range as our initial focus, because it was a unique product with a rich opportunity to perform well on Amazon UK. The products already had some reviews but they needed to be updated to answer customer questions, provide more information and could be tackled with an integrated approach for the brand.

Our main goal was addressing Avanor’s advertising strategy to ensure we promoted the core range to its full potential across all relevant marketplaces. The main focus was to ensure both for organic and paid ad sales, the non-branded and branded keyword strategies were aligned to enable maximum conversion rates. To boost organic sales, our copywriting team fully optimised the titles, bullet features, descriptions, and keywords for the most popular products in the range.
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Our marketing department connected with the team at Avanor to develop A+ page image designs that fit with the brand. We had some unique Amazon-focused images created that showcased the products and unique selling points.

eCommerce Nurse wants our clients to feel happy with their account as our relationship grows and evolves. We stay on top of monitoring progress, success, and changes when it comes to our clients’ content. We are always updating, researching, and reacting to hard sales data to make content the best it can be.

We look forward to learning more about the Avanor brand, and growing with their business.


Seller & Vendor Account Management
Listing Optimisation / Product Acceleration
Brand Store Management


Brand Store
A+ Page Content
Main Image Infographics
Brand Story


A+, Main Images & Brand Store
Animation & Film


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“Our Amazon account had become too large and complex to adequately manage in-house and so we contacted eCommerce Nurse to discuss our needs and ask for help with the account management. We’ve now been working together for just over a year and have seen significant increases in sales coinciding with a reduced ACOS giving us more time to spend in other areas of our business. We currently hold positions 1, 2 and 3 in the best sellers category on Amazon, which is incredible and so we can confidently recommend their services.”
Scott Duffy | Managing Director
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‘’Building a brand at Amazon takes foresight in order to make progress in an ever evolving space, something Scott and the team at Avanor have for sure. Avanor is an awesome company to work with, enabling our designers and content creators to approach their brand listings with a fresh perspective, ultimately helping establish this superb product range for long-term growth within the antiperspirants category. I can also vouch for their products, absolutely top-notch and do what it says on their listings, hence the great reviews!’’
Rob Murray | Client Manager
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“Avanor is a brilliant client to work for and I’m thrilled with the growth we’ve seen in their advertising sales on Amazon. This has been aided a lot by the A+ Content, listing optimisations for the product listings and brand store creation that our Marketing team has worked on. The marketing work that we’ve done and the success we’ve had with their advertising, has meant their Perspi-Guard brand is now dominating the best sellers rank in their category.”
Nathan Gault | Associate PPC Manager
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The results



ACOS dropped 50 % in the first 6 months of ads management.


Sales attributed to advertising increased by 4x YOY 2021/22

Product glance

Product glance views up 78% YOY 2021/22


Achieved #1 #2 and #3 bestseller in their antiperspirants category at
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