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Is Amazon Europe worth the investment? Part 1: Identifying demand in Europe

Whilst we say Amazon Europe, the truth is we can’t bundle all marketplaces into one as it is a lot more complex than most brands initially think. Selling to Europe basically means selling to 8 different marketplaces with 8 different languages, cultures and nuances. This includes the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland […]

How sellers can add multiple products in bulk using the Amazon NIS sheet

Adding multiple products at the same time to your catalogue So, you have multiple products both new and/or existing that you need to add to your catalogue, and you don’t want to waste time adding them one by one. It is far quicker and easier to add multiple products into the Seller Central catalogue via […]

Setting up and listing products on Amazon Seller Central in bulk and individually

Are you adding products to your catalogue in Seller Central for the first time? Or have you tried doing it and just didn’t understand or like it? Do you know that there are a couple of different ways you can go about doing this? At eCommerce Nurse, we specialise in all things buying and selling […]

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