Creative design

Enhance your Amazon product page aesthetics with main image infographics and A+ images.

Creative design is essential to breathe life and personality into your Amazon content. Graphic design is a versatile service that should be used across every aspect of your Amazon account: store fronts, brand stories, main image infographics and A+ content, building trust through a cohesive brand experience. In this digital era, it is imperative to ensure that your customers have a consistent journey across all the touch points of your brand, from your social media and website design to your Amazon pages.

Main image design & infographics

Working hand in hand with product photography is infographic design. Perfect for pulling out key features, especially USP’s that might not be visible or particularly obvious on camera. Infographics are also a great opportunity to reinforce and communicate your brand’s personality. 

It all starts with research and a brief; whilst that may sound boring to some, our team thrive on presenting you with the best options to ensure your listings catch the eye, convert to sales and are memorable. A concise brief is then swiftly delivered to our designers, where the creative juices start flowing, and the magic happens.
  • creative design Horizon treadmill 1
  • creative design Horizon treadmill 2
  • creative design Horizon treadmill 3
  • creative design Horizon treadmill 4
  • creative design Horizon treadmill 5
  • creative design Horizon treadmill 6
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creative design rhinocables amazon iphone on mobile
  • Rhinocables 1
  • Rhinocables 2
  • Rhinocables 3
  • Rhinocables 4
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creative design rhinocables amazon on mobile
Delonghi ipad infographics
  • Delonghi latteCrema main image design 1
  • Delonghi latteCrema main image design 2
  • Delonghi latteCrema main image design 3
  • Delonghi latteCrema main image design 4
  • Delonghi latteCrema main image design 5
  • Delonghi latteCrema main image design 6
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All devices are taken into consideration during the design process, delivering you images that are fit for mobile, tablet and desktop.

A+ image design

Designed images in your A+ content elevate your visuals, reinforcing the brand personality. We cater for all customers, those who are more visual and those who read the small print. The creative design complements the SEO-friendly text and keeps your page interesting, pulling out the most essential and appealing USPs we know your Amazon customers are looking for.
Horizon Fitness ipad scroll image
SmithSinclair homepage v1SmithSinclair homepage v1
Ocean Spray homepage v1Ocean Spray homepage v1
PPFC homepage v1PPFC homepage v1

Amazon A+ premium image design

Currently available to all Amazon accounts with 15 A+ pages approved within the last 12 months and a published brand story. This feature is a great opportunity to embed video content into your A+ page and gain access to better charts. Whilst a more significant investment in creative design, it is worth testing on your listings. 

Premium A+ Content fills your detail page with even more interactive, visually appealing options. On top of the 12 basic A+ Content types, Premium A+ Content offers 16 other modules to choose from. It also allows for up to 7 slots of content, up to 1464px wide. Other options include video (full-width), video with text, carousel modules, images with hotspots, images with background text, and interactive comparison charts. 

That being said, the modules available for Premium A+ are very image-heavy. One of the main cons of Premium A+ is that there is a distinct lack of text modules to use. This can be a drawback when thinking about SEO. Like basic A+ Content, the pages are not indexed to appear in search results on Amazon, but they are on Google.
Panasonic premium page design

Amazon Store Front

They say your eyes are the windows to your soul; well, your Amazon storefront is the window to your brand; it’s that important. It’s here you will give customers a chance to glance at the categories your brand covers and get the overall vibe of your brand. You’ve got to make that first impression count – ensure your storefront graphic design is on point and fully immersed in the brand style set throughout each product page. It’s also a great place to cover your best sellers and take advantage of another area to cross-sell.
Brand store mockups

Amazon Brand Story

A much smaller and more concise insight into your brand is Amazon’s brand story widget. The focus is where you have come from and your ‘why’. Selling ‘just because’ doesn’t connect with the customer or explain the problems your products are solving. The brand story sits on your detail page, and if done well with professional graphic design, it’s a great way to bring the focus back to your brand – who you are and why you do what you do. Pull out and highlight those essential brand USPs and reflect them in the images you produce – if sustainability is your thing, make a splash about that; if you donate to a particular charity as a business, let customers know how you give back. It’s also an excellent place to highlight the products and categories you want to push here.
PPFC brand storyrhino brand storyneals yard case study 7
“Our Amazon account had become too large and complex to adequately manage in-house and so we contacted eCommerce Nurse to ask for help with the account management. We’ve now been working together for just over a year and have seen significant increases in sales … giving us more time to spend in other areas of our business… We can confidently recommend their services.”
Scott Duffy  |  Avanor  |  
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Creative Design in action...

Frequently asked questions.
You bring the questions, we’ve got the answers!

If you have brand guidelines, fonts, lifestyle images and any product shots you’d like included, send them over. Or, if you’d like a complete makeover, you can spin the wheel and give us carte blanche.
You’ll get the best results if you supply us with any/all of the above, but we can certainly supplement with stock images where necessary.
Please leave four weeks from start to finish on an Amazon A+ page build. This period includes two rounds of amends.
We sure can. You can supplement ads work and refresh existing content to get your best sellers up to scratch.
It’s possible, but prepare yourself for additional costs.
Two rounds of amends on every project. The first is where you get to change things up. The second is for finessing content and making more minor alterations.
We have a team of designers ready to help you. Start dates are agreed upon during project setup. We usually book 2-4 weeks in advance, but if you have a rush job, you can give us a call and play your joker card!
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