Advertising on Amazon

Attract customers both on and off Amazon to drive brand awareness and increase traffic to your product pages and brand store.

It’s a jungle out there, and with so many brands on Amazon competing to get a customer’s attention and win a sale, it can be hard to stand out. The good news is that Amazon collects bucket loads of data on all those users, allowing brand owners to utilise the metrics to their advantage on the Amazon ads platform.
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That’s where eCommerce Nurse comes in. We can give you the help and guidance you need to take your brand to the next level. Tap into our expertise to build an Amazon PPC strategy (Pay-per-Click) customised specifically for your products and brand. 

Depending on your goals and budget, we take a full-funnel advertising approach, focusing on driving awareness and consideration, all the way to purchase intent and retention through DSP and Sponsored Ads. With a focus on traffic-driving initiatives that will help you achieve long-term sustainable growth.
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What does that mean? It’s a status approved by Amazon and gained by demonstrating expertise engaging with Amazon Ads, and delivering results for our clients.
Increase product and brand awareness and boost traffic to your product pages and brand store through sponsored advertising on Amazon. Let us handle the complexities of managing your Amazon PPC strategy and advertising account – we’ll focus on building campaigns aligned with your brand goals for Amazon, whether that’s driving new customer acquisition or brand loyalty through a variety of paid Amazon ads. We let the data do the talking and identify the most relevant and best-performing keywords that will drive optimal results for your business and improve organic ranking.

Amazon Sponsored Ads

Based on your goals, we will implement the most suitable Amazon adverts for your products and brand.

Sponsored Products

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The core of all sponsored ad strategies focuses on driving traffic to specific product detail pages. Sponsored Product ads can help place your products higher in the SERP for essential keywords specific to the ASINs you’re targeting.

Sponsored Brand Videos

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Immediately capture the customer’s attention when browsing search results with high-impact, engaging videos and placements. Sponsored Brand Videos can be a powerful influencer in upping that CTR (click-through rate), potentially resulting in an uptick in loyal customers.

Sponsored Brand Ads

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Sponsored Brand ads can provide a valuable tool to showcase your whole product range rather than just one item (cross-sell / up-sell!) great for brand awareness. Drive traffic through the top of search results ad placements to a brand store or custom landing page.

Sponsored Display

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Ideal for upselling, it targets specific audiences based on customer shopping behaviour – this is a handy hack for targeting people who have already interacted with your brand. Sponsored Display ads of the ASIN you’ve earmarked will appear for those who have previously purchased that same product – a gentle but effective nudge for them to reorder.

Demand Side Platform (DSP)

Extend your reach and step into DSP, Amazon’s Demand Side Platform. Using Amazon’s data insights on customer’s shopping behaviour, we can target audiences relevant to your products on and off Amazon. Building you relevant lifestyle audiences to get your products in front of potentially interested customers and connect with those shoppers that may have researched your brand or a competitor and not yet made a purchase. Also retargeting your previous customers to drive brand loyalty and most importantly repeat purchases.

DSP would typically include: audio ads, display ads and video ads. These can be displayed across Amazon owned platforms such as; Fire TV, Twitch, IMDB, Freeve, and NFL coverage on Prime.
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“Many brands are turning to DSP advertising to extend their Amazon reach and using data-driven strategies to target their audience, at the right place and time. By doing so, brands are maximising their return on investment in Amazon advertising.”
Nathan Gault, Associate PPC Manager

10 reasons why you should choose eCommerce Nurse

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Frequently asked questions.
You bring the questions, we’ve got the answers!

A good ROAS will depend on a number of factors such as how established your brand is on Amazon, the category you sell in and cost-per-click and seasonality of your products. Typically, a ROAS of 4 is considered a good return on ad spend but this will be different for other advertisers.
A good click-through rate (CTR) on Amazon also depends on a number of factors such as competitiveness of the category and rating and number of reviews of the advertised product, however, a click-through rate CTR above 0.5% on Amazon is usually considered to be a good CTR.
Amazon Pay-per-Click (PPC) allows you to advertise your product(s) or showcase your brand on Amazon. As the name suggests, you only pay when a shopper clicks on your ad. There are different PPC ad types including Sponsored Products ads for advertising your products in search results, Sponsored Brands ads for advertising your brand store, Sponsored Brand Videos allowing you to use videos to display your products in search results and Sponsored Display ads for ads to target product and category pages and third-party sites off Amazon.
DSP stands for Demand-Side Platform. A Demand-Side Platform (DSP) is a platform that allows advertisers to automatically buy digital advertising space across a wide range of sites and apps. Through Amazon DSP, you can purchase space for display, audio and video ads and unlike sponsored ads, Amazon DSP is also available to advertisers who do not sell on Amazon.
Remarketing with Amazon advertising allows you to display ads to people who have already viewed or purchased the product you are advertising. The ads will appear to potential customers on apps and third-party sites off Amazon. If you have ever viewed or purchased a product online and then later seen an ad for that same product on another website, then the advertiser has used remarketing.
Given the competitive landscape of Amazon with a vast number of brands for customers to choose from, advertising is going to play a pivotal role in getting your brand noticed by potential customers and therefore increasing traffic to your product listings and ultimately gaining more sales for your products. Using ads is going to make it much easier to be top of page one especially for newer brands on Amazon and this is important for increasing traffic and sales of your listings.
Yes. At eCommerce Nurse we use AI software to create and manage sponsored ad campaigns on Amazon. Using an AI software ensures that we are utilising technology available to get the best results for our clients. Our software provides insights and helps us manage accounts in a way that only using the Amazon Ads console could not.
We recommend a minimum monthly ad budget of £1,000 to get started with PPC on Amazon. This will ensure that you have enough budget each day to keep a campaign active. A recommended budget will differ for each advertiser depending on the number of products they want to advertise, the sales goals, the category and how established the brand is on Amazon.
We provide a monthly report at the beginning of each month to provide feedback on the ad’s performance from the previous month. This includes the ads key metrics with commentary and comparison from month to month along with updates on actions taken on the account in the previous month and priorities and actions for the upcoming month. This report will be emailed and there is a monthly call to discuss the report as well as daily email support and other necessary calls to discuss the account throughout the month.
Yes, we work with brand new sellers on Amazon as well as established sellers.
Yes, if you have an Amazon advertising account and the time and expertise to create and manage campaigns, then you can manage PPC yourself, however, given the time commitment required to properly manage and optimise campaigns for optimal performance, you may want to consider having the additional support of an agency to take care of it for you.
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