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Product videos now available to all US sellers

Videos for product detail pages are now available for all US sellers

Product video uploads in Seller Central are now widely available to all US sellers on Until recently, product video capability was only available for vendors or Brand Registry sellers. If you’re an seller, you should certainly be taking advantage of product videos ASAP. Looking for guidelines and tips? Read on for details on…
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Accounting for Amazon businesses

The importance of accurate bookkeeping for e-commerce businesses

Bookkeeping for e-commerce works differently than bookkeeping for traditional trade businesses. Whether you make money selling on Amazon, eBay, Shopify or any other e-commerce platform, your business has industry-specific needs which need to be factored into your accounting and bookkeeping processes. This guide will talk you through how to maintain accurate books and use accounting…
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How to prepare for Q4 on Amazon

How to prepare for Q4 2020 on Amazon

Q4 2020 is shaping up to be big. With the COVID-19 pandemic boosting online shopping overall, a plausible October Prime Day, and the usual holiday shopping season, both sellers and vendors should be preparing earnestly. The fourth quarter of the year begins October 1 and goes through the end of 2020. Meaning, Q4 this year…
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European Union Flag blowing in the wind

Amazon EFN basics and preparing for Brexit

For Amazon vendors and Amazon FBA sellers, expanding your business internationally is a fairly easy process if you’re already set up in one Amazon marketplace. As technology and logistics continue to expand in reach, it’s important for brands to look at e-commerce sales goals at a global level, and not merely a country level. But…
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Amazon launching in Sweden

Amazon to launch in Sweden, with no official date announced

Rumours of Amazon launching in the Nordic marketplace have been swirling for years. Last week, Amazon announced the launch of Amazon Sweden, though a target date is yet to be confirmed. Currently, Swedish customers can shop from Amazon’s other European locales, such as or But with products being shipped from elsewhere on the…
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Multi-channel fulfillment – A logistics perspective

My last blog post took a closer look at the possibility of outgrowing FBA. If businesses do need to expand with multi-channel fulfillment, it’s not feasible to just start selling on eBay, when the sole inventory is held at Amazon Fulfillment Centers for the existing FBA business.  In some sense, this is a follow-up article:…
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