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Multi-channel fulfillment – A logistics perspective

My last blog post took a closer look at the possibility of outgrowing FBA. If businesses do need to expand with multi-channel fulfillment, it’s not feasible to just start selling on eBay, when the sole inventory is held at Amazon Fulfillment Centers for the existing FBA business.  In some sense, this is a follow-up article:…
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Amazon FBA costs and fees: Where you might be losing money

Managing an Amazon FBA business can often feel like going in 100+ different directions at once. But it doesn’t have to be that way, if you focus on what matters. And what matters in your Amazon business is proper understanding of your financials. Too many podcasts, interviews, and YouTube videos are talking about advertising, PPC…
Read More to start showing seller names and addresses on seller profile pages

This month, Amazon announced that beginning September 1st, they will display a seller’s business name and address on their Seller Profile page. For individuals, Amazon will display the individual’s name and address. Across the US, Amazon sellers’ opinions of this news varied: Many welcomed increased transparency, while others disliked the additional exposure of personal…
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eCommerce Nurse Clients

Who do we work with? eCommerce Nurse celebrates our brands every day

One of the best things about being a global, full-service agency is helping a diverse and interesting range of Amazon clients. At eCommerce Nurse we work with all kinds of companies, from start-ups and SMBs, to internationally known brands. We’re a tight-knit, highly effective, and efficient team working with both vendors and sellers in Europe…
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Social Media Cartoon Graphic

eCommerce Nurse is now offering social media support

Social media is an important part of any brand’s marketing strategy, and can offer businesses access to potential customers who are already actively engaged and open to hearing about their products.  Social media platforms are vast and varied, and offer users access to communities and sub-cultures. They connect those with the same passions or views.…
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