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Amazon updates and e-commerce challenges in 2020

Wrapped up: 2020 highlights from eCommerce Nurse

It’s been an unprecedented year. Around the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic defined 2020, with altered work situations, fluctuating markets, and operations challenges, plus personal unknowns for many. At eCommerce Nurse, we’re reflecting on the business and what went right during this turbulent year. This blog focuses on our wins and achievements, our growth, our client…
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Get Ready For Brexit on Amazon

Brexit’s impact on EU and UK trademarks for brands on Amazon

As of 31 December 2020, the transition period comes to an end, and the United Kingdom will officially leave the European Union. As a result, we enter 2021 with a complex range of issues and far-reaching implications facing Amazon sellers and vendors in both the EU and the UK. One of these issues is intellectual…
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How to create Amazon A+ pages

How to use Amazon A+ Content to boost conversion for your brand

As customers search through a vast range of products available through millions of sellers and vendors on Amazon, how do they make a decision on what to buy? What can sellers and vendors do to genuinely help customers? And what gives brands and products that extra edge to push these customers from browsing to buying? …
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Black Friday 2020 is almost here

What’s hot on Amazon: A keyword round-up for November 2020

At eCommerce Nurse, we’re always keeping an eye on the top search terms. For Q4 2020, we’ve decided to share some keyword trends we’ve spotted using our tools and systems.  We hope this gives you a broader understanding of what’s happening on Amazon and helps our clients optimise content for seasonal patterns, growth, and potential…
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Help for new sellers on Amazon

Selling basics: 7 tips for opening a new seller account on Amazon

Are you a retailer interested in selling on Amazon? You’re not alone, Amazon has more than 2.5 million current, active sellers, according to Marketplace Pulse. Perhaps you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer thinking about how to sell online, or maybe you’re already selling on your own website and want to diversify with a multi-channel approach (one or…
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Hands holding up the Swedish flag

What you need to know about the Swedish krona for selling on

Amazon has launched in the land of pop music, flat-pack furniture and meatballs: Sweden! And that means getting a handle on Sweden’s currency, the krona. Peter Lilly, from international treasury specialists Fintuitive, gives you a rundown on what you need to know. Sweden: An EU country, but not using the euro Amazon sellers trading on…
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US election's impact on retail

The 2020 US presidential election’s impact on e-commerce

With the global pandemic, lockdowns, panic-buying, a spike in online shopping, a fluctuating stock market, and the holiday shopping season in our midst, 2020 has delivered plenty of curveballs. Last week offered another one: the US presidential election. As an online retailer, did you notice any changes to your sales? Here’s what we noticed, and…
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Ecommerce Nurse blog on Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Label

What is the Climate Pledge Friendly badge on Amazon?

Shopping for cleaning products, diapers, electronics or beauty items? You may have noticed a new badge on some products across Amazon: the “Climate Pledge Friendly” label is making the site a little greener across many categories. What does this mean? How do sellers get “Climate Pledge Friendly?” If you want to learn more about the…
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