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Amazon Annual Letter to Shareholders

For the first time, Amazon addresses counterfeiting in annual report

On February 1, Amazon released its Annual Report for 2018 to the SEC. The report gives a detailed look at Amazon’s business considerations for shareholders and investors.    For the first time in such a report, Amazon discussed the persistent counterfeit issues that plague the marketplace and hinted at their potential impact. The concerns were…
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Merch by Amazon

Opportunity exists for creative sellers on Merch by Amazon

Calling all entrepreneurs, designers, brands, and sellers. Merch by Amazon may be the next big thing for the e-commerce marketplace. Through this program, creators are able to sell their designs on Amazon, reaching millions of customers with no upfront investment. How does it work? Merch by Amazon is an invitation-only program. Sellers request an invite…
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The Basics of Amazon Keywords

The basics of keywords for Amazon SEO

It’s perhaps the most basic tenant of selling on Amazon: Customers must to be able to find your product in order to purchase it. If you fail to account for search engine optimization by not properly keywording on Amazon, you risk less traffic and fewer sales. Amazon’s search algorithm is slightly different than that of…
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Amazon Storefronts

Amazon launches Amazon Storefronts to showcase small and medium businesses

Traditionally seen as the competition to mom-and-pop stores, Amazon recently allied itself with small and medium businesses (SMBs) by launching Amazon Storefronts. Launched in September 2018, the new platform allows customers to “discover unique products from small and medium businesses.” What is Amazon Storefronts? As part of Amazon Storefronts, the platform highlights small business owners,…
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Brand Protection: Why It’s Important and How To Do It Correctly

Brand protection: Why it’s important and how to do it correctly

One of the most pressing issues facing sellers on Amazon is protecting their brand (and the brand’s intellectual property) from unauthorized sellers. When unauthorized sellers present a problem for brands, it is usually in one of the following ways: Devaluation of the brand, unacceptable brand representation, competition with the authorized brand through buy box wars,…
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Shipping and freight tools for sellers

The seller’s guide to importing to Amazon Europe: BREXIT (Part 3/3)

Guest blog from Shypple | A three-part series on shipping solutions for Amazon EU | part three Selling in Amazon Europe is a bit more complicated than simply shipping your products to a European warehouse and watching the sales roll in. For this series, we welcome Shypple, a company whose “shipping made simple” vision is…
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Black Friday

Are you ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

We’ve all heard that Black Friday is the biggest and busiest shopping day of the year, but its original brick-and-mortar premise is somewhat diminished in the online world. A kick-off for holiday shopping, Black Friday was named such because it’s often the day that retailers go out of the negative or “red” and into the…
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