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3P Pricing Parity

The End of Amazon’s Price Parity Policy for Sellers

Amazon confirmed this week that it has ended its restrictive third-party price parity policy in the US. Amazon will no longer prohibit merchants from selling the same products on other sites at prices lower than Amazon’s list price. The policy is under scrutiny for potential violation of US antitrust law. In 2013, Amazon ended a similar price parity policy in the European Union after investigations

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Amazon Live Livestreaming

Amazon Live Launches Livestreaming for Online Shopping

Everyone who has owned a television has likely flipped past the Home Shopping Network. The televised sales pitch is nothing new. But Amazon has recently evolved to add this shopping angle as another way to engage customers and increase sales. In February, Amazon launched a new service where professional sellers are able to livestream, allowing them to present product, answer questions, and interact with customers.

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Amazon Incubator Program

Is the Amazon Brand Incubator Program For You?

With so many brands and sellers on Amazon, many are keen to distinguish themselves and gain an edge on the competition. Amazon has launched a program called the Amazon Brand Incubator, which is a service that sets up brands for success. Launched in 2018, this program was formerly known as Amazon Exclusives. This program is by application only. Benefits of the Brand Incubator program It

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Amazon Annual Letter to Shareholders

For the First Time, Amazon Addresses Counterfeiting in Annual Report

On February 1, Amazon released its Annual Report for 2018 to the SEC. The report gives a detailed look at Amazon’s business considerations for shareholders and investors.    For the first time in such a report, Amazon discussed the persistent counterfeit issues that plague the marketplace and hinted at their potential impact. The concerns were noted under the “Risk Factors” section of the report, which

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Merch by Amazon

Opportunity Exists for Creative Sellers on Merch by Amazon

Calling all entrepreneurs, designers, brands, and sellers. Merch by Amazon may be the next big thing for the e-commerce marketplace. Through this program, creators are able to sell their designs on Amazon, reaching millions of customers with no upfront investment. How does it work? Merch by Amazon is an invitation-only program. Sellers request an invite by applying via the Merch by Amazon website. Prospective designers

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