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Importing to Europe

The Seller’s Guide to Importing to Amazon Europe – Part One

Guest Blog from Shypple | A Three-Part Series on Shipping Solutions for Amazon EU | Part One Selling in Amazon Europe is a bit more complicated than simply shipping your products to a European warehouse and watching the sales roll in. For this series, we welcome Shypple, a company whose “shipping made simple” vision is to make global trade virtually frictionless. Shypple is a digital

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FeedbackFive Amazon Customer Review and Feedback Tool

How to Generate Amazon Customer Reviews

In the online retail space, customer reviews can truly make or break your business. Having a solid online reputation will go a long way in building your brand and generating sales. Potential buyers will absolutely look at reviews before making a purchase, which is why requesting feedback is important. Even if you know about reviews and feedback, you may be confused about the process, which

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Amazon Advertising AMS Sponsored Ads and Sponsored Brands

Invest in Amazon Advertising to Increase Traffic and Boost Sales

There are more than 500 million products on Sellers can have a great product, that is properly set up, priced correctly, and full of rich details on the product page and still struggle with converting sales. With the fierce competition among thousands of sellers, getting your product in front of the customer and clicked on is–truly–half the battle. Ensuring your product is in the

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RestockPro Amazon Inventory Management Tool

Meet your New Inventory Management Assistant

Whether you’re an experienced Amazon seller or a newcomer, you probably already know that inventory management is a time-consuming and tedious endeavor. Indeed, some businesses find it necessary to dedicate staff specifically to overseeing their restocking needs. Mountains of spreadsheets and hours spent on inventory, however, can be discouraging, and many may find themselves trying to find ways to cut corners. In the short term,

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International Selling to Amazon Europe

International Selling: Expanding to Amazon in Europe

While the, .fr., .es, .de, and .it of European ecommerce may seem like an alphabet soup, it’s worth investigating. With it’s diversity and breadth, expanding your online selling business to European countries may be a smart business plan. Amazon estimates there will be more than 340 million online customers in Europe by the end of 2018, roughly the same market size as the

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