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Industry experts weigh in on the future of Amazon for sellers, vendors, and customers

Ever since Amazon’s temporary suspension of POs via Vendor Central in March, followed by cryptic emails, and backpedaling, many have wondered about Amazon’s plans. Is Amazon moving to a “one vendor” system? What do these actions and developments mean for vendors, sellers, and for the future? To provide insight on these issues, we’ve asked a variety of industry experts their opinions on some relevant questions.

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eCommerce Nurse is now part of the Amazon Service Provider Network

eCommerce Nurse is proud to announce that we have officially joined the Amazon Service Provider Network (ASPN). Through Seller Central, the ASPN allows businesses to connect with trusted local providers to sell globally. Providers are vetted by Amazon’s highest standards and goals, as well as continuously monitored for high-quality performance.   The goal of the ASPN is to take the complexity out of selling on

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From A to Z: Amazon acronyms and terms glossary for sellers and vendors

When it comes to e-commerce, Amazon is undoubtedly the biggest player of them all. Did you know the Amazon logo was created with the “A” and “Z” connected by a (smile-shaped) arrow to represent the idea that Amazon sells everything from A to Z? With an expansive range of items, thousands of selling partners, and ever-growing reach, it’s been a long and sometimes confusing road

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Amazon Project Zero

Amazon focuses on reducing counterfeiting with Project Zero

As an e-commerce player, you’ve certainly heard of customers receiving fake items they ordered on Amazon: Knock-off footwear that looks similar to Adidas or Nike, top-brand or luxury handbags that are slightly off, or sporting equipment that doesn’t deliver the same quality a customer was expecting. This can also be dangerous, with nefarious sellers delivering shoddy medications, supplements, and beauty products for both people and

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Skye High Media Partnership

eCommerce Nurse to partner with Skye High Media to expand Amazon Advertising experience

eCommerce Nurse is excited to announce our partnership with Skye High Media. Skye High Media is a UK-based company that specializes in Amazon Advertising solutions. This includes managing sponsored ad programs and display-advertising strategies for both sellers and vendors in Europe and North America. About Skye High Media Skye High Media was founded by ex-Amazonian Mark Pettit, a digital specialist who spent years working on

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